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Cooper and Laura: a visual tribute

Posted: Mon Sep 08, 2014 8:37 pm
by LostInTheMovies
Thought that people here might enjoy a visual tribute I put up this morning, with screen-caps from Twin Peaks and Fire Walk With Me documenting all the scenes that Cooper and Laura share, along with quotes and some images from Cooper's investigation. The images appear in roughly chronological order...though I took poetic license in a few spots (and with one quote, in terms of relevance). To me it was a fun and fascinating way to look at the ties that bind arguably the two most central characters in the story, separated by space, time, and death yet nonetheless drawn toward each other as the mystery unfolds. It's really a classic tale in so many ways as they each seem to represent different sorts of forces and energies which need one another (Martha Nochimson writes well about this in The Passion of David Lynch). And a bit like the detective-dead girl relationship in another story about a murdered Laura (Otto Preminger's 1944 film). The images also made me more aware of how the ring motif plays out even before FWWM. Enjoy!