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Laura picture & trading cards from blu-ray: video request

Posted: Fri Nov 28, 2014 12:10 pm
by LostInTheMovies
This is related to the upcoming entry in my video series documenting the history of the show...

I have a request for anyone who is interested. I own the Entire Mystery blu-ray but am unable to access it at present, as I attempt to finish Pt. 3 of this video series. I am looking for a handful of still shots from the special features: a) the picture of Sheryl Lee, made up as a corpse, sitting up and smiling on the table of the morgue, and b) 3-4 images of the trading cards (I don't care which ones - whatever you want to send!).

Please send me a PM and I'll share my email address. And I'll be sure to thank you in the end credits of the essay!