Help with a rare (spanish?) TP promo

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Help with a rare (spanish?) TP promo

Postby Mibbler » Wed Mar 04, 2015 4:27 am

I wanted to share with you a distant and curious memory I have about the first time Twin Peaks was aired here in Spain in case the following may be familiar to any other fan of my own country or anywhere else: I remember the first time Twin Peaks was aired in Spain there was an interruption after episode 19 (aired here in april 1991), althought the network promised then to the audience the show would return in september of that year. As promised, the last ten episodes started to be broadcasted in september but in blocks of two, so we could see the conclusion of the series only within five weeks. I remember that summer of 1991 the network announcing the comeback of the series renaming those ten last episodes as "Twin Peaks: el Desenlace" ("Twin Peaks: The ending") with a very enigmatic promo that I can swear I saw it at least twice then. The thing is I can clearly remember at least two images of that promo amidst all the shots that made that compilation: the first one was, in fact, the first image of the promo, and it was the hallway of the red room we can see in the last episode, and the other one (shown, more or less, at the half of the promo) was the image of Leland´s doppelganger smiling at Cooper when he first sees him there.


Other thing I can remember is when the first image was shown, there was an voice-off saying only "Twin Peaks..." but I remember the detail that the accent of that voice was 100% american (I mean, it wasn´t spanish accent at all), and the other thing I remember is that during all the sequence of images of that promo you could hear a crooner singer that sang a beautiful and quiet song "ala Frank Sinatra" (deep down, I have no idea who the singer could be, and it´s possible it could be Frank Sinatra himself!).

For me, at that time, having no idea of the erratic broadcasting of the last part of the show in America, it was clear that that promo must be an american one, but, years later, discovering all the problems there was in USA to get the final episodes aired, I began to be doubtful: On the one hand, the promo was shown during summer of 1991 and it included images from the last episode (and the final episodes have already been broadcasted recently then in ABC) and there was an american voice saying "Twin Peaks..." but, in the other hand, I have the feeling that when the last two episodes were shown that 10th of June of 1991 there hadn´t been a very big promotion of the finale during the previous weeks (but I know I could be wrong). Saying that, my questions would be the following:

-Could americans viewers see any little image of the red room sequence from the last episode previously to its broadcasting in any promo at that time?

-Was this promo I´m telling you broadcasted as a "official" promo of the "two-hour movie" broadcasting of the two last episodes?

And the most important:

-Does anyone else remember this promo? Could this promo have been made/shown in any other country and not in USA? Has anyone see it somewhere? As far as I have been looking for, I have NEVER found it in the internet (but maybe I´m not making an accurate research...).

Thanks for yor time! :-)

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