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Casting Call

Posted: Mon Jul 13, 2015 12:35 pm
by Red Lodge
Hello One and All

Well . . . in an effort to stir the pot a bit, I have a question:

If Mr. Lynch suddenly called you up and said - Hey, over the weekend I had this super crazy dream. In it, a piece of apple pie landed on my head and said the following:

'David, you must randomly call one of your devoted fans and offer them to be part of the upcoming new episodes of Twin Peaks. I won't and can't tell you why, but you must also tell them that they can either play one of the original characters introduced during the 1990 - 1992 time period, or they can make up their own character. And before you douse me in coffee, they can only have the part if they give you an explanation that is absolutely stellar.'

To start the process, I would like to be Middle-Aged-Tree-Planting-Guy. This character would be similar to the Log Lady except for the following important points: 1) The person would be played by me, a middle-aged man, 2) Instead of carrying around a tree corpse, I would be attempting to renew the great cycle of life, 3) Lastly, I would chant in an entirely foreign (alien) tongue whenever I plant a tree.

So there you go, how would you respond?

Red Lodge