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David Lynch's Films Are All Chapters in One Story

Posted: Wed Oct 07, 2015 6:28 pm
by LostInTheMovies
Indiewire has just shared another of my David Lynch video essays, along with an interesting write-up by Max Winter about how Lynch's films add up to a sum even greater than their individual parts:

From a critical/analytical angle, this non-narrated montage examines the way Lynch's treatment of trauma and abuse evolved over his first 6 films. At the same time, this video also kind of forms its own narrative, in some ways a different narrative than the films themselves offer. If I were to sum up that "story" in one cryptic sentence (ala David Lynch, I guess, albeit a bit less poetically) I would say that it is about two characters who believe there is a third before slowly & tragically discovering that there isn’t.

This was made before Journey Through Twin Peaks in a very different style, and in some ways it is the work I'm proudest of amongst everything I've done up to now. Fair warning, it hones in on the darkest and most disturbing aspects of Lynch's work so NSFW and be prepared.