Twin Peaks Related Dream *Possible Spoilers*

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Twin Peaks Related Dream *Possible Spoilers*

Postby BlueRose69 » Mon Mar 14, 2016 11:21 pm

Hey, guys long time lurker here. I’ve been a huge fan of Twin Peaks for many years, and I have decided to make this my first post.

Normally, I don’t really post on message boards, but something happened to me last night that has provoked me to post on here.

I had a really weird, vivid dream last night that revolved around Twin Peaks and plot points surrounding Season 3, and I thought my dream would be interesting to share here.

I have been reading the Spoilers board, so I know some info on what actors and characters are returning, and some plot points, and some of that info is reflected in my dream, so if you don’t want to know about any of that, then DO NOT READ THIS.

With all of that out of the way, I will now tell you guys about my dream

So, the first thing I remember is my dream about the opening scene of Season 3. It’s a cold open. I see a familiar, white house. However, it has become decrepit. Weeds scatter the front yard, and the paint is chipping off the exterior of the house. It is in disrepair. I then see Sarah Palmer in her bedroom, attempting to sleep. She has pictures of Leland and Laura on her bedside table. She is restless, however. It’s happening again. She’s having the same visions. Sarah feels like he’s getting close again. She startles herself awake in a panic. Then, suddenly, the doorbell rings. She goes to answer the door….and it’s Cooper. Cooper then says “Hello Mrs. Palmer,”, and then it cuts to the credits.

The next part of my dream isn’t directly related to Season 3, but deals more with the general mythology and how I feel about it. So, at the end of Season 2, we see “Good” Coop attempt to leave the Black Lodge, but his “Bad” Coop doppelganger catches up to him and is able to overpower him, leaving the Black Lodge instead with the “Good” Coop trapped inside. Now, in that episode, we see Bob as a separate entity from the doppelgangers themselves, but at the end of the episode, when “Bad” Coop has his “How’s Annie?” moment, we see the reflection of Bob in the mirror. This may seem a little weird, but to me anyway, I feel that Bob is omnipresent, and like Albert Rosenfield said, he represents the evil that man does, meaning that Bob actually resides in and possesses multiple characters in Twin Peaks, since we all have a darkness/evil to us, albeit in varying degrees. People with good hearts and good intentions (characters like Andy, Lucy, etc), may have a Bob inside them, but he never comes to surface and remains dormant. People that are more susceptible to corruption and live their lives with less than pure intentions (characters like Leo, Windom Earle, etc) also have a Bob inside them, and due to their nature, Bob comes out to play more often. So, in my dream for Season 3, there are multiple people possessed by Bob running around; not just “Bad” Coop.

So back to the actual Season 3 stuff. *SPOILERS AHEAD*

I dream about Amanda Seyfried, who, will presumably play Becky Briggs, Bobby and Shelly’s daughter. She’s an aspiring journalist, and one day, she stumbles upon some of Garland/Major Briggs’ paperwork dealing with his time in Project Blue Book and his research into the Black and White Lodges. She starts to become intrigued by all of this. One day, after a dinner at the RR Diner, she starts to walk home, when Caleb Landry Jones’ character suddenly runs up and collides into her. He has cold, grey skin, and rotting teeth, indicating the Black Lodge has had some influence on him. Startled, she runs home.

The next day, Becky is in her room, fixing her hair and makeup in the vanity mirror in her room (just like Josie in the pilot episode). Bobby comes up behind her and asks “How are you doing honey?” When Becky looks up in the mirror again, she sees Bobby, with the same appearance as Caleb Landry Jones’ character, but then his face slowly morphs into Bob’s. To back up a little bit, Bobby is now the sheriff at the Twin Peaks Sheriff Department and has also read into his father’s studies, and knows a lot more than Becky does. He knows what/who Bob is, what the Lodges are, etc. Becky is still in the dark about a lot of things. Anyway, when she sees her father’s troubling appearance, she asks “Dad….what happened to you…?” Bobby himself then looks in the mirror and says “This can’t be happening…I’m the most innocent of them all…” but Becky, not knowing about Bob and all the weird stuff surrounding the Lodges doesn’t get it. Again, this goes with my belief that Bob is omnipresent and can reside in multiple people (even seemingly now innocent ones like Bobby) and come and go as he pleases. Bobby, in my dream, anyway, is one of the main villains in Season 3. With his knowledge of the lodges and mythology, and his status as sheriff, he deludes himself into believing he is innocent of all the horrible actions he is committing. Witnessing both her father and CLJ’s disturbing appearance, Becky, sets off to do more research, and is basically the Cooper of Season 3, seeking to find the truth.

The other Season 3 related stuff in my dream is more minor, and a bit fuzzy, so I apologize if these next parts sound a little weird and disconnected. And again, some of the spoilers surrounding the real Season 3 have made an impact on my dream, so THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEAD. PROCEED WITH CAUTION.

. In my dream of season 3, Shelly has been married to Bobby since the events of Season 2. The whereabouts of Leo are unknown. However, due to Bob’s and the Black Lodge’s influence, he has become more distant, and has basically turned into Leo. Cruel. Abusive. Unloving. However, she is completely oblivious, like most of the town, to what is REALLY going on. Anyway, one day, she runs into Balthazar Getty’s character, who is a deputy at the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department and a Bookhouse Boy. She begins an affair with him.

.I’m not sure if this happened before or after the events of my dreamt version of the Season 3 cold open, but in the Palmer house, the doppelgangers of Leland and Laura chase Sarah, but she runs out of the house, and locks the door, able to break free. Maybe this is the moment when she is finally able to move on from the past demons (both figuratively and literally) plaguing her family.

.There was then a part of my dream taking place at Twin Peaks High School. Bob, in his gray haired, denim-clad form, was chasing students throughout the school, causing them to flee away in terror.

And that’s all I can really remember from my dream. Again, know it’s a little weird and kooky, but let me know what you think!

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