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Season 1 Comments / Revelations

Postby Shelly_Johnson » Sat May 19, 2007 6:29 pm

Dident know where elce to put this comment, so thought i would make a topic for it . . . .

Going back and watching season 1, I noticed something that stopped me and I was dident i noticed that before?!

In Episode 2 Cooper is sitting in the red room and Laura is sitting beside the "arm" and the arm says to Cooper "she is my cousin, but dosent she look almost exactally like Laura Palmer?" Then in the next episode, Maddy Shows up who is Laura Palmers Cousin and yes, she does look almost exactally like Laura Palmer.

also, now that i am thinking about it, Laura's responce to cooper's "are you Laura Palmer?" Is very telling as well. "I feel like I know her, but sometimes my arms bend back." it is how she (Laura) died, with her arms tied, but also, it is Maddy who says something similiar to James when she says "I wish i knew Laura better"....then she also says that as kids they had a connection. Simulating that she "felt like she knew her" and when Maddy dies in season 2 she is held by the arms. There is A LOT of information in that little red room seen with Cooper. I just dident realize it till now.

This was one of those things that i just dident notice before, but when i went back and watched it, was like....oh!!!

I love the way lynch/frost worked in those little things like that. I am certain there are many more little things like that that i havent picked up on yet either.

anyone elce have something like that they want to share?
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