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How and when did you first experience Twin Peaks TV Series or FWWM?

Original Airing in 1990/1991
Borrowed a Friends Taped VHS Episodes in the 90's
Official VHS or Laserdisc in the 90's
Warner Bros. Euro Pilot VHS or Laserdisc
Twin Peaks FWWM Theatrical Release
Twin Peaks FWWM VHS, Laserdisc, or on Cable
Bravo Twin Peaks Airing in 1993
Twin Peaks Pilot Theatrical Screening
Twin Peaks Artisan/Paramount DVD Set
Twin Peaks Gold Box Set
Twin Peaks Entire Mystery Blu-ray 2014
Twin Peaks on Netflix, Hulu, or CBS on Demand
Twin Peaks on iTunes
Illegal Download
Original Airing Outside of US
Total votes: 331
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Re: Twin Peaks Poll - First Time

Postby LostInTheMovies » Sun Apr 23, 2017 8:16 am

FredTruax wrote:There are 1990 fans and then there are 19-F*#!'N-90 FANS

we have the summer re-run camp who watched the rebroadcast during the hype bubble-these people are OG and are among the coolest cats among these forums BUT even they have to yield to the super duper "I was there first so piss off" OOGs. These were the people watching during the spring of 90 and they form a rarified club with very special privileges like getting calls (texts over the last few years) from Lynch on April 8 and they get to proofread galley prints from M. Frost. All discussion and argument ends with their point of view and they are the envy of anyone who knows verbatim the fire walk with me poem. You will never be in their club so don't even try just marvel at there awesomeness and commit to memory anything they say on the subject of twin peaks (which they call NP amongst themselves; if you know why you are kind of worthy, if you don't you don't even deserve to be reading or thinking about them).

Pfffft. Amateurs. Only those who were at the Director's Guild screening in '89 count (if you didn't see Twin Peaks the year it actually takes place you're playing catch-up).

In all seriousness, my first "guide through Twin Peaks" (a fellow blogger in 2008) got to see the pilot screen at the Miami Film Festival a few months before it aired, which is pretty cool. I always kick myself for missing Lynch's last 3 films in theaters despite having perfectly good opportunities to see each one. I've seen most on the big screen since then but nothing would beat catching a Lynch film on the big screen for my first time on its first run. Maybe someday?
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Re: Twin Peaks Poll - First Time

Postby Jonah » Tue May 02, 2017 10:23 am

I voted "Original Airing in 1990/1991" but I should have chosen "Original Airing Outside the US". Whenever it was that it aired in Ireland. I assume it was 1990-1991, but it might have been as late as 1992. I was about ten, maybe a little younger or older. Instantly fell in love with it and have been ever since! (Strongest memories from that time are the image of Laura Palmer on the closing credits and thinking she was lovely and it was so sad, and also of Maddy being killed in episode 14 and Leland fixing his tie in the mirror and seeing Bob's face in episode 15, some of these probably stuck because they were so disturbing to a child.)
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Re: Twin Peaks Poll - First Time

Postby BOB1 » Tue May 02, 2017 1:15 pm

In Poland the first season aired in spring 1991.

Then there was a short break before Season 2, that's when everybody (almost literally EVERYBODY that I knew) kept wondering about what happened to Cooper and is he coming back or is he really dead... We did this, too, of course, in the last year of school (I was almost 15). And then on June 21 they showed Ep.8, which I loved, but so many people (in my school, too) went WTF and we managed to discuss it for just a few days and then the school was over... And I remember that Ep.16 was aired on Aug.16, and then there was a short break, and, similarly, Ep.29 came on Nov.29 (numerology for the poor :wink: )

That was when I watched it!
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Re: Twin Peaks Poll - First Time

Postby Diane » Thu May 04, 2017 11:38 am

dugpa wrote:How did you first experience Twin Peaks? Let me know if I've missed an option.

I saw the FWWM theatrical release + the first episode of season 2 during the original airing--I didn't see an option to choose both, so I went with the movie.
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Re: Twin Peaks Poll - First Time

Postby George » Fri May 05, 2017 7:50 am

I voted Illegal Download (sue me!), but actually this doesn't capture the truth. I watched some of the penultimate season 1 episode as a kid on German TV. I distinctly remember watching the scene of Audrey hiding in the cupboard and smoking. But yeah, apart from a part of that episode I didn't see more of Twin Peaks until years later when I caught the movie on TV. That was my proper backwards introduction to Twin Peaks. And oh boy, did it confuse and frustrate me, but also intrigue me!

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