At Frost's suggestion, please donate to MPTF in Warren Frost's memory in support of Alzheimer's care

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At Frost's suggestion, please donate to MPTF in Warren Frost's memory in support of Alzheimer's care

Postby LonelySoul » Mon Feb 20, 2017 11:29 am

As you all are surely aware by now, Warren Frost passed away. I reached out to Mark over the weekend and asked if there was anything I or the greater TP fan community could do and he suggested donating to MPTF.

If the TP community would like to honor Warren’s memory, please let it be known we would appreciate it so much if they would consider making a donation to the Motion Picture & Television Fund, specifically the Alzheimer’s unit there known as “Harry’s Haven”. It would be just fantastic to be able to dedicate a room in the Haven to Warren.

Full details of how to do this are here: There are some specific options you have to choose to get the money to the right place.
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Re: At Frost's suggestion, please donate to MPTF in Warren Frost's memory in support of Alzheimer's care

Postby Gabriel » Fri Feb 24, 2017 4:54 pm

I lost my grandmother to Alzheimer's. It was a terrible three-year death that still scars all of us in the family who lived through it alongside her. The strain of it basically killed my grandfather too. He punished himself for 'surviving' and ended up having a series of strokes that killed him a while after. Alzheimer's is something that hits families in one of the worst ways, because the sufferer fades away, leaving a shell that looks like the person you care about, but can hold a very different being from the one you knew, who can say and do terrible things. Then even that fades. It's the 'long goodbye' and the worst kind of goodbye, devoid of any real closure.

I'm sad for Warren Frost, but pleased for him that he's no longer suffering. I wish Mark Frost, Scott Frost and their families a gentle and swift recovery after the journey to Hell they'll have been through. A small crumb of comfort, perhaps, is that at least they'll have plenty of video of his performances to remind them of the man he was before the disease took him. The hardest thing for many of us is how long it takes to drive out the images of the relative or friend when they were ill in favour of memories of happier times.

The biggest thing I know my family lacked at the time, a decade or so ago, was any substantial medical support or access to information. That has got better in the last decade, but there's a long way to go yet. So supporting any organisation that can dedicate help to sufferers and their families is desperately important. I'm very glad LonelySoul has posted this.

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