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Watching the show in 'real time'

Posted: Mon Feb 27, 2017 1:49 pm
by teddyleevin
If you ever wanted to watch the show on the same dates/days as when it actually takes place, now's your chance! A few days late, of course, but February 24 was a Friday in 1989 and 2017, so it should sync up. It's been a fun way for me to re-watch the series (it clicked in episode 2 which includes reference to going to church that Sunday morning and I was watching on a Sunday; small miracle, I know). It's interesting to see which directors/writers pay attention to this detail (some may inevitably contradict the temporal logic); and it also means you're limited to only one episode a day (and also required to watch one episode a day). There's a built in break for a couple days, as well.

It actually leaves me with my anxiety that I can't just watch the next episode immediately, and, like the characters in the show, I must sleep and hope that dreamland will help me unlock the clues of the following day.