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the book fwwm and other stuff

Posted: Thu Mar 16, 2017 2:31 pm
by laurasdiary
HI all, I just joined today. I have been a fan of twin peaks and all things lynch for many years.
Anyway I recently re watched fire walk with me and also started reading 'laura palmer's diary'
The theme all the way through all this and the series seems to be Laura seems to sense that she will die young and that something is haunting her.
It is almost more of a sad story and a feeling of unrest. It Is almost like she knows she will never grow up and have children like everyone else.
Does anyone else get that feeling too?
Hey. Looking fwd to the new series. Anyone got any idea what It may be about and if any of the original characters may be involved in the new production?
thanks for reading... x t x :evil: