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Postby thewindinthepines » Tue May 09, 2017 12:52 am

Until reading The Secret History of Twin Peaks I never considered Heidi, the Double R waitress, to be more than a mere background character.
Yet the repetition of her dialogue exchange with Shelly and Bobby at the end of season 2 (couldn't get my car started/too busy jumpstarting the old man/I thought you Germans were always on time) for me is an in-show confirmation of something Mark Frost's book suggests fervently: That there is some sort of alternate-dimension hocus pocus going on in Twin Peaks; a slightly altered timeline in which Annie doesn't seem to exist and Lana won the Miss Twin Peaks contest, among other blatant discrepancies. When Heidi's scene happens again almost word for word (is it the last episode? I can't remember) I get an immediate sense that we have come full circle, or things are starting over only this time SLIGHTLY different? Where even are we in time at this point? So many things to consider...season 3 holds the answers!
Anyway, with all that said, I want to bring up another point that I haven't found discussed anywhere as of yet:
HEIDI is German. And this isn't just some background detail--she's got the accent, Bobby says "you Germans", not to mention Heidi is just about the most German name for a woman out there...
So clearly this detail was intentional. And where else does German play into Twin Peaks? Well, Sarah Palmer can be seen reading a German language study book in Fire Walk With Me. And then there's the whole 'doppelganger' thing.
Bottom line is that there is too much randomly dispersed allusion to German in Twin Peaks for this to be just coincidental. MOREOVER Heidi, to my surprise, will be in season 3. I want to hear yalls thoughts on this....how it might all be connected....split timeline, German, whatever part of it you wanna look at, let's rock!
Dalai Cooper
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Re: Heidi

Postby Dalai Cooper » Tue May 09, 2017 2:55 am

I think Lynch is definitely bringing things back round and playing with the idea of echoes and cycles and what have you, but it does bug me a little that people frequently use the "near-identical" dialogue in that scene as evidence of some kind of literal time-skip without at least acknowledging the fact that the additional line of dialogue is bobby and shelley saying "...AGAIN!" So, they're consciously repeating/making reference to a joke they made a few weeks earlier when Heidi came in with the same excuse. That doesn't discount everybody's other theories but it's weird to ignore the explicit in-world explanation imo.

As far as the German thing, I think it can be mere coincidence, but another interesting thing to note is the German typewriter in the secret history...
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Re: Heidi

Postby zeronumber » Thu May 11, 2017 4:40 am

Its happening ...again~

Its happening AGAIN!

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