Season 4? Or is it over after this?

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Re: Season 4? Or is it over after this?

Postby Jasper » Fri Oct 27, 2017 2:20 am

Very interesting to hear from Mark Frost on this subject. Until now, all I'd heard from Frost about this were his statements from three years ago when the project was announced. At that time he said that they hadn't ruled out more after this.

As N. Needleman mentioned, Lynch has repeatedly expressed an openness to the idea of a continuing story. This doesn't mean Lynch would definitely do it, but it does mean that he is open to considering it, and has on multiple occasions said that a continuation was dependent on how season three (or whatever we're going to call it) went in the world. (“We’ll see how it goes in the world. That’s what we’ve got to see.”) Then, after it had aired in its entirety, he judged that it had, in fact, gone well in the world. ("It feels really good. It went really good in the world.")

Citations here:

I liked krishnanspace's idea posted in another thread, that being something called "Odessa: A Twin Peaks Story". Part 18 is quite fascinating.
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Re: Season 4? Or is it over after this?

Postby AgentEcho » Wed Nov 01, 2017 5:50 am

One thing that is clear: if the decision has been made to move forward with writing another season, Lynch, Frost, Showtime and whomever else may need to be involved in that process will not publicly give any indication this is happening until the series is officially green lit. (Although according to the timeline that's been given out, the original announcement about Season 3 happened after the first two hours were written but before the writing on the rest of the series was completed).

That all parties have seemingly expressed a willingness to continue seems to live a pretty good possibility that they are at least talking about where they'd go with it.
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Re: Season 4? Or is it over after this?

Postby Poiuyt » Sat Nov 04, 2017 2:05 pm

what would they call it now that the home release has been changed to "a limited event series"?

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