POLL - Do you Like Season Three and How long have you been watching twin peaks.

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Re: POLL - Do you Like Season Three and How long have you been watching twin peaks.

Postby Fred » Fri Jan 12, 2018 6:40 pm

eyeboogers wrote:
Fred wrote:There are still some unsolved mysteries, eg, what happened to Chester Desmond? Presumably, when he picked up the ring, it transported him to the Red Room, where he remained trapped for several years.

Maybe Chester and Coop can try to find their way back together in season 4 :-) they might currently inhabit the same realm.

That would be a nice storyline, and I hope they make season 4. (Fingers crossed!)
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Re: POLL - Do you Like Season Three and How long have you been watching twin peaks.

Postby marchug » Mon Jan 15, 2018 1:50 pm

I've been watching twin Peaks for 25 years. I had a great time watching Season 3 until near the end when I realized that they weren't going to (or interested in) pulling together this (IMO) huge mess. Yeah, overall I very much disliked season 3. I got the bluray for Christmas gift and I can't even bring myself to open it....
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Re: POLL - Do you Like Season Three and How long have you been watching twin peaks.

Postby Marcus » Fri Apr 20, 2018 5:12 am

Watched season 3 in a crazy rush, just couldn't stop watching.
I missed the town of Twin Peaks.
But I liked it nevertheless. I don't mind the 'weird shit'. It's part of Lynch, it's part of the series and without it, it could be any other series' season.

To me, Laura Palmer has always been the central figure of Twin Peaks, together with her parents, their house and their horrible story. Because of that, I felt devastated after episode 18.
Then I watched episodes 17 and 18 again, and I was more able to accept it.

In fact, right now I think it's the best ending possible.
I think Laura's primal scream is the beginning of her healing. She deserves it.

And Cooper, well, no matter if he's good or bad Coop or even a mix, I guess he's gonna live a long life wandering and blundering along, partly on planet earth and partly in whatever lodge.
And Dougie will remain a bit strange, but he will do many good things, especially for other people. Bless him.

Well, that's just my dream.
And I don't feel trapped in it. It's mysterious, it's fun, it's entertaining.

Btw: watched TP in 1991/1992 on the telly, fell in love with it, watched it again around the mid 1990s, bought the DVDs of season 1&2, saw the film, rewatched the series and film a couple of times, and watched season 3 this month (on DVD).
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Re: POLL - Do you Like Season Three and How long have you been watching twin peaks.

Postby TheArm » Tue May 08, 2018 12:40 pm

I mostly love Season 3, though not unconditionally; there are certainly bits I found frustrating and indulgent, to be sure, and I'm sure there's a tighter/leaner version of the show that probably could have been made, as much as I loved savoring every minute of it when it was airing. It certainly wasn't my fantasy version of what a TP S3 could be; like many others on here, I would have been very happy to have spent much more time in the town itself, to have had much more of our good old Agent Cooper, to have had a fuller and more satisfying return for Audrey, and to have gotten some resolution on Annie without having to read Frost's book. I appreciate Lynch's art, but I'm sure I probably didn't need the endless Roadhouse floor sweeping, the endless bit with the French woman in Cole's room, and all of the random Roadhouse non-sequiter scenes with random characters we never revisited (ditto characters like Red, whose storyline went nowhere). Having said ALL of that, I wouldn't take any of it back and I loved the whole journey from beginning to end, with all of its ups and downs. The original series is far from perfect, after all, and I'd say even the lower points of S3 are better or at least more interesting than the low points of S2.

It's funny; I probably followed spoilers for S3 more than I should have, but in a way it helped prep me for the fact that it was clearly going to be very, very different from the original (for instance, I already knew Las Vegas was going to be one of the main settings and that a lot of the CA filming was for that storyline). I also remember quite clearly watching FWWM for the first time and feeling quite thrown by it and how different it felt from the TV show I loved; I love the film now, and have for many years, but it took me a while to get my head around it and understand what Lynch was trying to do there. It's the same with S3, but I was more prepared this time for a different experience. In general, it's something I had fantasized about happening for years but never dared to dream that it would ACTUALLY happen, so the whole experience has been exhilarating and I'm just sad that it's over (or is it?). Getting to spend more time in this magical world with these wonderful characters I love so much was just extraordinary. I probably heard from more people from all chapters of my life in Oct. 2014 when they first made the announcement that the show was coming back than when I got engaged! It was all pretty exciting, the whole experience from 2014 to Labor Day weekend of last year, and helped balance out, say, Dougie Jones out-staying his welcome!

I have been a fan since I first watched the international version of the pilot on a friend's VHS back in 1991. I remember watching the opening credits and hearing Badalamenti's music for the first time and just feeling absolutely hypnotized by all of it, and by the end in the Red Room I was hopelessly in love with the whole thing. By that time though, the series was winding down on ABC, so I felt like I'd missed the boat. Luckily, Bravo started repeating the series in pretty frequent rotation a couple of years later, so that's when I was finally able to see the series in its entirety, in late '93/early '94, and then saw FWWM when I taped it off of late-night cable sometime in the Spring of '94. I've watched it about once every year or so ever since.

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