Chrysta Bell AMA on Reddit 2/28 @ 12 PM PST

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Re: Chrysta Bell AMA on Reddit 2/28 @ 12 PM PST

Postby Soolsma » Fri Feb 23, 2018 6:46 pm

Nice job. Looking forward to reading it. I hope you all come up with some good questions, I really don't have any.
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Re: Chrysta Bell AMA on Reddit 2/28 @ 12 PM PST

Postby claaa7 » Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:49 am

great stuff, i really need to get me a Reddit account!

this is one of the moist poignant things i've read about TP:TR

"Don’t get me started how the dynamics between the characters in Twin Peaks were so (seemingly mystically) aligned with the people playing the roles – to the degree my mouth hangs open in awe when I think about it. Twin Peaks : The Return and practically everything about it is steeped in cosmic alignment. I think this has everything to do with David being a meditator for more than 40 years. The veil is butterfly- wing- thin between art and reality. And the ice cream on the cherry pie is that Miguel gave a parting gift to the Twin Peaks family and we have it to cherish forever more."

Twin Peaks really is the gift that keeps on giving.. i remember the shock and excitement of first seeing the Missing Pieces trailer and the realization that we were finally going to see NEW Twin Peaks!! since then we have gotten the full TMP, the fan-cut of FWWM (unofficially of course but still interesting), Between Two Worlds, the audiobook of Laura Palmer's Diary by Sheryl Lee, two books by Mark Frost exploring the past, present and future of our favorite town. two official new Twin Peaks albums, the Johnny Jewell album, the Dean Hurley stuff, and The Return.

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