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Re: Deleted Scenes

Postby vicksvapor77 » Mon Mar 30, 2020 7:01 am

Re-posting this from the Season 3, The First Draft - Speculation etc. thread, in case anyone missed it there. I would love to see these scenes!

An incredibly fascinating tidbit from the newly published Twin Peaks Unwrapped book. Please go buy this book! The authors are such good guys and it's very thoughtfully put together. Link to purchase: ... apped-book

This seems to be an inquiry about Kyle's original comments referenced here: ... er-script/

Kyle MacLachlan on Cooper being a little more present in the script: During the filming, there were moments where [Cooper] had some lucidity, primarily when he was communicating with the one-armed man when he had connected to that world. We shot those and ultimately, I think, David decided that wasn't part of the story that he wanted to expose. It just didn't make it into the series. But there were moments. There weren't a lot, but there were a couple where you did get a taste of that. For whatever his reasons, I think the despair that people felt and it grew over time, that Cooper might not actually ever return was much more powerful. And to be honest, the reveal at the end when he does finally wake up was a moment that people really responded to.

I am so curious to see these scenes, although I think the film was probably better served without these interludes of lucidity. I am having a hard time picturing Dougie having interjecting moments of Cooper lucidity when talking to Gerard but then slipping back into Dougie mode with Janey-E and Sonny Jim.

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