Visiting "Twin Peaks" First Time

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Visiting "Twin Peaks" First Time

Postby WhiteLodge90 » Wed May 16, 2018 7:25 am

Staying in Seattle for a few days with my GF and had a few questions. We're staying in downtown Seattle and I planned to rent a car for the day and go to Snoqualmie & North Bend. I'm obviously going to The Double R and Snoqualmie Falls. Was also considering the Palmer House & Ronnet's bridge. Anything else worth it to check out?
My other question is - I'm hoping to split the day, go to TP sights then drive to either Mount Rainier National Park or Olympic National Park for a bit. Mostly just to check out the views and do a little light walking. Which one do you prefer and which one makes the most sense driving from North Bend area and then having to drive back to downtown Seattle after? Looking for locals input or just frequent Seattle & TP travelers!

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Re: Visiting "Twin Peaks" First Time

Postby TheArm » Wed May 16, 2018 2:29 pm

I can't speak to the question about Rainier/Olympic, but in terms of TP sights, I'd also check out the "Welcome to Twin Peaks" sign spot (which is close to Ronette's bridge) and also the Sheriff's office (aka the Dirtfish Rally School); they're really great about letting fans in and taking pictures, and the entry area still looks a lot like the Sheriff's station from the show (including Lucy's reception area). When I went last year, they let me take a picture behind the reception desk, and there was also 1 or 2 Twin Peaks Sheriff's Dept. police cruisers from the show in the parking lot outside.

You'll also be very close to Mount Si High School (the high school on the original series), as well as the intersection where Laura, Leland and the One-Armed Man had that freaky confrontation in FWWM and where the kid was hit by Richard Horne in TP:TR.

And you'll also be a stone's throw from Fall City, where the Roadhouse is.

If you have time, I also would highly recommend taking the ferry over to Bainbridge Island and driving to Poulsbo, which is where the Kiana Lodge is, which was used as the interior of the Great Northern in the pilot, as well as being the Martells/Packards' house. And right behind it is the rocky beach with the big log where Laura's body was found in the pilot. The Kiana Lodge is a sort of Twin Peaks locations wonderland in and of itself, and doesn't take long to get to from downtown Seattle.

Have fun!!

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