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Is It Future, Or Is It Past?

Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2007 7:06 pm
by tensticks
Greeting and salutations, all--

I've been a lurker on dugpa and lynchnet for years; it takes an awful lot of something for me to actually participate in ANY bb discussion, but after reading all the responses and speculations on the TP season 2 soundtrack thread, I couldn't resist dipping my toes in. However, what I wanted to say kinda grew and jumped several tracks, so I thought it more appropriate to give it its own thread....

I was inspired by the question of "what's left in the vaults" after Soundtrack Vol. 2 and the Gold Box DVD? What is the future of TWIN PEAKS after that? What do we as fans have to look forward to, beyond, we can hope, the FWWM deleted scenes...

I have some thoughts on that.

Things cycle generationally. Something as big as say, Star Wars was from 77-83 went through a fallow period where you couldn't GIVE the merchandise away. Then as that generation gradually assumed control of society, its profile and stock rose again...

Brand names and cultural institutions don't die; they may go away for a while, then they transform and reincarnate. A la the Abrams Star Trek.
(Not that I'd want to see TP "rebooted", or given an Abrams/Lucas facelift, nor turned into a franchise...but what form a future incarnation would/could/should take is a whole other topic.)

Shortlived though it was, TWIN PEAKS' impact was inestimable. And as we approach the generational milestone of 20 years since its release, I think it's inevitable that there IS a future of some kind for the show. Something that had that much influence is a brand name, whether we want to think of it as such or not; and if those who own it don't see its long term potential, they're crazy. (I can only imagine for example the stock that BABYLON 5 will have in the next few years, as its long term influence is finally felt.)

And indeed, when I saw Catherine Coulson's appearance in Tucson last year--this was reported on, though I've been bad and haven't sent (yet) the video clips as promised--she reported the following:

"When I ask David if we're done with Twin Peaks, he just smiles and says, 'There are still stories to tell'."

I'm an optimist, so I am hopeful that this isn't then end. Rather than clearing out the vaults once and for all to make the fans happy (and get their money), I think--I HOPE--that this is the beginning of the next iteration or manifestation of our favourite show, much as STAR WARS publishing in the early 1990s gradually led to the special editions and finally the prequels (and next, TV series)--no quality jokes needed, please!

I'm not saying I think it's LIKELY, just that I think it's POSSIBLE. If this IS it (again, barring the deleted scenes), then I'm glad we have it. But I am hopeful.

After all, we're only a few year's away from Cooper and Laura's real-time meeting in the red room "25 years later".

And incidentally....if they wanted to be REALLY smart, their next step would be to republish Laura's diary (perhaps with the dating corrected and the extra pages from the show?), and sell it exclusively through Hot Topic. I've loaned my copies out to some younger "goth" friends of mine, and I can tell you that without ever seeing the show or the movie, that book resonates with THIS generation of teenagers (especially girls) all on its own.

So, I've said my piece; if anyone has anything to add, I'll be happy to read it. Back to lurker-land for now, though--

Sweet dreams & erotic nightmares


Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2007 7:18 pm
by Brad D
i for one would love any kind of spin-off or continuation of the series. the graphic novel sounded so freaking cool, but with lynch saying "there are still stories to tell" it may be best to let lynch be lynch and hope he will return to TP someday. a feature film isnt impossible...and yes, i know frank silva is dead but i suppose its possible to bring in a ringer. this is all absurdly wishful thinking, i know.

Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2007 10:12 pm
by dugpa
I'm thinking that high sales on the Season 2 Soundtrack should kick start some sort of follow up.


Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2007 10:28 am
by coolspringsj
I wish they would make Twin Peaks novels (continuing stories, character backstories, Twin Peaks past history, etc.)

Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2007 10:42 am
by tensticks
Dugpa--I'm thinking that's the plan. Between the season 2 CD and the Gold Box DVD, they're testing the waters to see what kind of market still exists for TP. Which is silly of course, given how well season one did when it came out and the insane demand for season two in the six-year interim...but yes, I think there's a method to this madness....

Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2007 10:53 am
by coolspringsj
Another reason I like the novel idea is that it is practical and cost effective.

Even though some actors have passed away or gotten too old for their parts, their characters can still live on in novel form and fans can accept these non canon novels or ignore them at their discretion, taking nothing away from the power of the series and film.

They can bring in fan submissions or genre writers or series writers, however serious they would be willing to take the concept and vision.

Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2007 7:00 pm
by Annie
There's some good fanfiction done by one of our members on Jerry Horne's website--I did the editing!

Posted: Wed Sep 26, 2007 8:00 am
by Gabriel
The TP books tied in pretty closely with the series and films (especially if you go for the whole Dale Cooper = Chester Desmond thing!) so if they were to produce novels or comics, they'd probably want them to tie in properly with a new version of the show.

I've always wondered about the 25th anniversary, given that Cooper and Laura are supposed to meet then for real.

I'd love to see a return to Twin Peaks. If it's on TV, I'd like to see it done is a miniseries (perhaps one where an 'unrated' version could be issued on DVD or released to international markets.)

I'm not sure if TP's status is big enough to make a theatrical movie practical. In a sense, I think TP always should have been a miniseries. Had there been two or three six-to-twelve-hour minis, I think there would have been fewer unnecessary digressions from the major storylines (and the digressions that were actually good!!)

In spite of things Lynch has said to the contrary, I've always felt that the lack of spin-off products related to TP has been to do with Lynch wanting to control any further follow-ups. He's obviously well aware of TP's massive cult status (even almost 20 years later TP is referenced in articles about quirky shows and movies and former TP actors' background with the show gets noted in interviews with them!) so it's a case of seeing whether that enthusiasm can translate into a new product. I still hope to see something in the future!

Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2007 2:03 am
by TravisD
I think we need to see the destruction of the lodges,........but only after Dale gets out..of course.

Short of that,......I'm not sure what else could be done in a feature.

Finding Desmond,.......Lucy and Andy's kid becoming a potential "host",LogLady finding a new love,......Bobby taking over the hotel,....General Briggs becoming the next "Earle"....Shelly getting the diner.....James getting hit by a car(ok ok I

It could be done,......but matter how good of a script, would be hokey......

Don't kill me please,.......I just have no faith in ressurecting classics.... :oops:

I'm just thankful for what got done in the first place.

Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2007 3:46 pm
by TheArm
I agree that it's definitely interesting that the 2 most eagerly-awaited items in TP fandom history (the 2nd soundtrack and the DVD set) are both coming out within 2 weeks of each other at the end of the month, but I'm trying not to look into it too deeply. I think they're just hoping that one's success will feed off the other, I would imagine. I don't think this is a precursor to the show coming back or anything. I know we love it to bits, but I can't imagine that there's a big market out there for it, as influential as it was and as much as people still talk about it.

That being said, for the most part I'd be opposed to it happening. I think the show, with all of its flaws and Little Nicky and Evelyn Marsh, is absolutely wonderful and I wouldn't want to change a thing, and I think FWWM serves as the perfect coda for the series. As ahead of its time as it was, it's also uniquely a product of its time, and I really can't imagine what there is left to say. Sure I was angry the very first time I saw the finale and sure I'd like to know if/how Coop got out of the Black Lodge, but, as Lynch would probably say, I like having "room to dream." And as angry as I was with the finale initially, I think it's an extraordinary work of art and I wouldn't want it to end any other way.

That being said, if there WAS a "Twin Peaks: The Next Generation" or whatnot, I'd certainly be watching with baited (but skeptical) breath. It should be set "25 years later" and have a completely new cast and completely new storylines. Maybe a couple oldies from the original can be around for cameos or special appearances, but I'd try and sever as much continuity as possible and just make it appeal to a completely new generation, and drop in stuff from the old show as time goes by and as it makes sense for the respective storylines (kinda like how the new "Doctor Who" has done).

Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2007 6:10 pm
by Gabriel
If Lynch made a new TP, I doubt he'd make anything as prozaic as a conventional sequel. I can imagine a new incarnation of TP would be unlike anything we might expect. Think about how different FWWM was from the show, yet tied in perfectly with it. The same would go for a new TP!

We're talking about David Lynch here. Issues such as 'the right script' aren't relevant. If Lynch wants to do something, he will, in his own fashion!

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2008 7:06 pm
by recordroomx
I'm really surprised we haven't seen novels yet

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2008 3:01 pm
by Double Identity
Gabriel wrote:I've always wondered about the 25th anniversary, given that Cooper and Laura are supposed to meet then for real.

Yes - I've often wondered about that too.

Wouldn't it be great if they returned to it visually again though, rather than just in a novel. I know it wont happen but you can dream can't you.

Posted: Mon Mar 10, 2008 12:37 am
by The Magician
Annie wrote:There's some good fanfiction done by one of our members on Jerry Horne's website--I did the editing!

Is he continuing that? I read the prologue and first two chapters, and they were incredible! But I remember them having been released quite awhile ago... I hope we get more...

Re: Is It Future, Or Is It Past?

Posted: Sat Aug 23, 2008 3:20 pm
by james
I wish Lynch and co were working on an 'un-prosaic' TP related project rather than all of this TM stuff. Wouldn't it be more fun too? I don't know what Lynch gets out of all this TM stuff frankly.