Overlooked in-episode Easter Eggs s2 LELAND, HARRY, JONES

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Given David Lynch's recent interview in which he stated that there are still* secrets and clues (referencing continuing storylines and undiscovered evidence, as well as further crimes...), do you feel that fans & fanatics haven't fully deciphered

Definitely. This is deep, layered, and multi-faceted. Classic Lynch, but in his own words, the goose's head was cut off before it's time. The show ended prematurely.
Most likely. Fire Walk With Me was cryptic and I had to give it a few whirls before grabbing-ahold.
I still find clues within Twin Peaks to-date, and/or hear about them on here!
Lynch never explains his shows/movies, takes away from the concept of it all. It's all there, we've beaten this horse to death. It's all theory and fan-based stuff at this point.
The show was predictable to begin with, trite and contrived imagery, shows don't take off this, this takes off other movies/shows!
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I had it all figured out from day 1.
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Overlooked in-episode Easter Eggs s2 LELAND, HARRY, JONES

Postby Senor_Droolcup » Wed Oct 31, 2007 5:15 pm

Per the Dugpa himself, I'm posting this in the forum. Being a new member (today, in fact), but a fan of many years... (to quote a fellow fan, I used to hide behind a big chair too when Bob came on!)

At 26, I've amassed a huge collection of memorabilia, fake Twin Peaks media, interesting knock-offs, original posters, and keepsakes. I am by no means the resident expert but consider myself to be upper-handed on the subject matter, to put it more humbly.

With that said, doing a random screening of S2, I stumbled across something intentional, what I find to be an early form of the Easter Egg element. For newer viewers or those unfamiliar with Easter Eggs, they're just as the term implies: hidden clues, often meant for long-time fans or those who pay very, very close attention to the show (or study it), (ref: Lost, David Lynch DVD's). Easter Eggs can be hidden features on a DVD, like playing with the buttons until you highlight a secret menu, find a secretly encoded interview, etc.

All hogwash aside, at the murder of Maddy Ferguson, Leland took to hitting golf balls in his home. This is a good "bookmark" in time for those who want to comb through their memories or who haven't viewed recently. After Donna & James leave, Leland grabs his golf bag and says, with cunning and pluck that only Ray Wise can portray, the line "Byyye, honey." The viewer is either terrified or in shock at the madness of the moment as it is, thus overlooking what comes several frames later.

Leland proceeds to spaghetti-noodle his way around the road until Harry S. Truman and Dale Cooper pull him over. *cue* the zoom-in, almost bulls-eye view of the grille of his convertible. We're distracted by actions, like a descending convertible top (in long coat weather?), etc. What we don't see is his license plate off to the far right. Here's our Easter Egg. YEP 710 is his license plate number. I may have the letters & numbers transposed (710 YEP?), but in any sense, it's too coincidental to look over. Let's break down the mythology of the show and compare to what we're given:

1.) (Maj. Briggs reference?) The "710 cap" joke is a very old military joke. My father was in the military and I've heard this a million times. It's the word "oil" upside-down. Juvenile, it may seem, but someone with little-to-no knowledge about fixing an automobile, and who has problems with it would be told to "Check their 710 cap," while the group of soldiers nearby would giggle. It means you need an oil change, and probably smell burnt oil. (Note the time reference to Bob's rage, the smell of burnt oil @ these occurrences, etc.) The Maj. Briggs reference is most likely a stretch on my part. Also notice the tagline on the plate... "The ____ State." I didn't pay too close of attention, but found the placement via the camera angles to be too odd to have this be an overlooked detail; I believe it was The Timber State. This is just extra info. for those who question the location of Twin Peaks, which is clearly "great northern," i.e. Washington, etc.

2.) Note another big Easter Egg. This one has probably been discussed. At the time of the Harry S. Truman v. Ms. Jones (under the guise of Josie Packard) confrontation, *Freeze-Frame* your DVD! Pause it! What's he holding? A brand new, shiny, crisp-cornered, chrome-plated (odd for a new tool), identical piece to the wrench murder weapon in the board game *Clue.* This is at the point where he realizes the woman, who duped him, seduced him, etc. with a strange, "magic potion meets love potion #9" that came

Clearly, this is an allusion to a "clue" on the show; but what? I've thought and re-thought this over. A man with a gun (probably 10) on him has, for a split-second, a murder weapon from a famed game with the title suggesting, "Hey viewers, we're handing you clues here!" Glance back at Truman and the wrench is gone. Hmmm. Something about the potion perhaps? I don't know, I've thought it over so many times, it's within grasp, but can't place my thumb on it.

My summation is that it's a FWWM type of thing, i.e. Bob seducing Laura, Laura sleeping with all the men in her life, that whole underlying sultry element in Twin Peaks. Falling under spells, sexual or not, is something that befalls even the strong-willed like Truman's character.

With this (hopefully!!) new evidence, I'd love to hear what others have to say. I love this site, by the way!

I apologize for the wordiness in advance, but wanted to get it all down here. [/img]

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