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Discussion of Twin Peaks and Fire Walk With Me

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17 years

Postby worthit » Sun Nov 25, 2007 2:36 pm

November 17th 1990, Twin Peaks aired for the first time here in Norway. I was 11 years at the time and after I had watched 2-3 episodes, I said to myself that one day I'm gonna buy the whole thing so I can watch it whenever I want. In 1998, after 8 years of searching, I finally found it on VHS. I had to import it from Australia and I paid 2.500 NOK (about $450). It was insanely expensive, I know. But it didn't matter to me. It was worth it after 8 long years. By that time, I had seen the whole series 3-4 times on TV too, but I still wanted to own it.

In 2001, 3 years later, the first season was finally released on R1 DVD. I bought it ofc instantly only to find that the pilot was missing. One year later, in 2002, it was released on R2 DVD with the pilot, so I bought that one instead. But I still needed the second season to make my life's goal complete.

After five years of silence, the second season was finally released in 2007. I bought this one only on R2 DVD and realised the log lady introductions was missing on the first half of the season. I was thinking about buying it on R1 too, but since I heard rumors (thanks to dugpa.com) about the gold box, I thought it was best to wait and see.

Six months later the gold box was finally released on R1. But since I apparently live on the wrong side of the Atlantic Ocean, I had to wait one more month before it's released on R2. The release date was finally given and everywhere I look it says November 28th, 2007. Which brings me to my point...there's three more days of waiting. I have been waiting for 17 years and 9 days now. Three more days...and then an almost life-long waiting time will be over. That must be the biggest waiting room in the history of movie releases. I have used 17 years of my 28-year life waiting for Twin Peaks.

Like LMFAP says: This is the waiting room. Indeed it is...indeed it is.

Thank you for your time. I just had to share my story

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