Twin Peaks' Surplus of Imagination and the Dark Mood Woods

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Twin Peaks' Surplus of Imagination and the Dark Mood Woods

Postby james » Wed Mar 12, 2008 8:32 pm

I was listening to some tracks on the All New Season 2 Soundtrack, like Dark Mood Woods /Red Room and, more specifically, Night Bells. There's so much good stuff on that soundtrack that could have been used in so many more scenes than even the second season encompassed. Night Bells goes into pretty abstract sounds that weren't fully used in the show itself, then Cop Beat was never even used at all on Twin Peaks - maybe it was just deemed too off-beat?

But tying in with the post by tensticks (Is it Future, Is it Past?) I just think Twin Peaks is still an open imaginative project, the optimist that I am. I thought tensticks' original posting was brilliant. Other posters followed the thread by suggesting that with the release of the Gold Set and the second season soundtrack they're testing the waters for 'some kind of follow-up' - maybe that was a thought someone had somewhere along the line, but I'm doubtful perhaps!

Still, how did the Gold Set sell? It hasn't been released here in the UK at all!

Without detailing scenes or atmospheres in INLAND EMPIRE, the film touched on areas more Twin Peaks-y than anything since FWWM, I felt. As abstract and non-linear as it was, there were real echoes of Twin Peaks there. It was interesting how Lynch did mention in interviews for IE how his brother had found in the families' old summer wood cabin Lynch's childhood sketch book - the first page featured a drawing and the words 'Inland Empire' - if referring to a different geographical area to the one in the film, arguably!

If Lynch echoed and perhaps 'electrified' some elements still hanging over in the surplus of ideas and imaginative mysteries presented in TP in any further films/projects or online dramas he envisages I'd be very pleased. He did grow up in the woods so it seems like after the LA nights and Polish detours of INLAND EMPIRE he might return to those childhood dark wood moods, in spirit at least. Who knows where the path through the trees leads?

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