Part 6 - Don't die (SPOILERS)

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Re: Part 6 - Don't die (SPOILERS)

Postby Xavi » Tue Sep 26, 2017 3:48 am

claaa7 wrote:
Mr. Reindeer wrote:
Xavi wrote:Later it is revealed that this "Farewell Theme" is closely connected to the Giant/Fireman/??????? and we will hear it two more times, maybe more?

When does it play in connection with the Fireman? I remember it playing again when Margaret dies. But "The Fireman" in Part 8 is a totally separate composition.

yes, we hear it over Margaret's death and over Cooper's farewell to Janey-E and Sonny Jim.. i'd say it's more of a song embodying a feeling, of loss, and having to let go, than a song that's tied to any specific character.

I'd say that Badalamenti's high pitched symphonic synthesizer music (almost like mimicking church organs sorts of themes) in each and every scene relates to that Big Guy Above, wether he's called The Giant/???????/The Fireman or not. My opinion only though.

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