Part 12 - Let's rock (SPOILERS)

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Re: Part 12 - Let's rock (SPOILERS)

Postby PeaksCarnivaleLost » Mon Jul 31, 2017 5:09 am

no one mentioning Diane's fingers as she said "Let's Rock"

seemed to duplicate Laura Palmer in the Waiting Room. Diane's gotta be a doppleganger or some other world entity.
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Re: Part 12 - Let's rock (SPOILERS)

Postby krzhuva » Mon Jul 31, 2017 5:11 am

counterpaul wrote:...
Lynch has completely gotten in my head. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

counterpaul, beautiful insights as usual. I only wonder what do you think was the purpose behind the reused Jacoby scene? Just another case of Lynch's free-jazz editing adding to the confusion and building up to the Audrey reveal? I mean, we’ve already had Norma with her papers being reused in the context of that weird time-shifting anybodys-seen-billy diner scene, but now it's even more jarring -- Jerry listened to it before he got lost, and now it's repeating without Jerry, while also echoing his I’VE BEEN HERE BEFORE thing.
Repeated dialogue is one thing, as with marvelous Heidi in the pilot and episode 29, but reused footage is a different and much stranger animal, and I guess I’m still figuring out the right way to approach it.
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Re: Part 12 - Let's rock (SPOILERS)

Postby douglasb » Mon Jul 31, 2017 5:11 am

BadCoop (presumably) asking about Vegas suggests to me he wants to divert or distract the investigation away from TP. If the FBI find 'Cooper' in Vegas, BadCoop will once again be able to go under the radar and/or pursue whatever venture he's embarking on. Even a dead Dougie gets the authorities off his back.
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Re: Part 12 - Let's rock (SPOILERS)

Postby GrapesOnTheEdge » Mon Jul 31, 2017 5:12 am

And this week the role of Evelyn Marsh will be played by Audrey Horne...
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Re: Part 12 - Let's rock (SPOILERS)

Postby referendum » Mon Jul 31, 2017 5:15 am

there was alot of onine huffing and puffing before this ep., members of cast twittering stuff about Candy, etc, conjecture that Cooper would come back, oeople saying that '' let's rock '' meant that it would be another '' lodge '' or ep 8 style meltdown episode, and so on.

I regret reading it, really, rather than going into this episode blind, because reading all the back-chat sets up an expectation of something going to happen in the episode that does not actually happen, expectations are set up that are not met, whereas what actually happened was quite different, more episodic, more uneven.

For me, at least, there were a few wrong notes - the french woman doing her Benny hill impression in Gordon Cole's room ( though i can see why it was there), and the re-use of at least 2 minutes more of jacoby's rant than necessary, and the ' x-files' explanation of blue rose to Tammy from Albert, which was superfluous - if you hadn't got the point after 12 hours then it hardly needed stating. The only real point to that scene was to '' keep Diane close'' which we had already been told a few hours ago.

So, I would say, 80% good stuff, 20% filler. One of those episodes that felt slightly too short, as if it had to cut where it did to accommodate whatever happens at start of ep 13. Will probably make more structural sense when watched with what comes after.
''let's not overthink this opportunity''
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Re: Part 12 - Let's rock (SPOILERS)

Postby Soolsma » Mon Jul 31, 2017 5:17 am

Metamorphia wrote:
Soolsma wrote:
Metamorphia wrote:
Nah, I'd say this forum is mostly weighted towards a negative perception of the new show actually. But that's fine. I've disagreed vehemently throughout, although last night's episode really was poor.

Nope. Polls suggest otherwise.

Well, I'm talking in terms of discussion. There's probably a bigger userbase that doesn't contribute. :)

More confirmations of appreciation of Twin Peaks on a forum where the general consensus is that it's incredibly good sparks up less discussion and therefore takes up less forum space.

I think that when the fad/airing is over the forum will slowly return to mostly in-depth analysis, theorizing, anticipation for DVD releases, soundtracks and such; instead of being largely filled with polarizing initial reactions. Also, those repeatedly disappointed will probably either accept they never got the Twin Peaks they hoped for or come to terms with what they got.
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Re: Part 12 - Let's rock (SPOILERS)

Postby Another Year » Mon Jul 31, 2017 5:19 am

Nighthawk wrote:
Cooperscoffeecup wrote:
Nighthawk wrote:Can anybody identify what this is?


where was that?

Part 12.


wasn't it on Audrey's finger?
If yes, some may assume that it was a dream sequence (the whole scene). Please note the room, doesn't look like "unreal place". Moreover, the final scene in the roadhouse was to show us that Audrey couldn't get there in real world. Do you know what I mean.
Sorry for my not perferct English :)
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Re: Part 12 - Let's rock (SPOILERS)

Postby Agent327 » Mon Jul 31, 2017 5:21 am

baxter wrote:
It was great! .

No. It just flat out wasn't. I can understand people who manage to get through the episode, and like things like Gordon's lady friend scene. I thought that was fine.
But If this is deemed to be "great" by anyone it shows a confirmation bias that is beyond insanity.

baxter wrote:The original show had far more filler than this though, surely? I guess the complaint here is that they got to do exactly what they want so the filler shouldn't be there, but I think that is naive.

No and no.

The original run had some, in my view pretty embarrassing story lines from time to time, we all know what those are. But as poor as they were they were still WAY more entertaining than this. Way less dull, boring, cold, lifeless and slow.

And to address your second point; This has nothing to do with expectations, it's not like I hold it to a higher standard due to the freedom Lynch had. I don't even think about that for a second.
On the contrary, I'm willing to cut him some slack due to his age, and recent stuff like "Inland Empire" not being his best work. But even with fairly low expectations an episode like this one fails on every level.

Defending it appears like pure 'emperors new clothes' to me.

It was not good.
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Re: Part 12 - Let's rock (SPOILERS)

Postby AgentEcho » Mon Jul 31, 2017 5:21 am

Nighthawk wrote:
The Gazebo wrote:
Wonderful & Strange wrote:
Yep. :lol:

I don't really get it. The mantra on here has been that he creates his art without concern for the viewers. So which is it? His pure vision of how this should be, or active trolling?

People are grasping for straws at this point to justify the drop off in quality. Parts 11 and 12 were both very weak with the latter taking the cake. 80% filler material, 10% ham-fisted exposition ("your brother Harry", blue rose cases origin, Audrey standing around for 10-100 minutes), and 10% good stuff (Sarah Palmer, Cole's hotel girl). Hopefully things will get better from here.

Translation: people have a different opinion than me and this is a fact I absolutely refuse to accept (or grasp).
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Re: Part 12 - Let's rock (SPOILERS)

Postby crazyscottishguy » Mon Jul 31, 2017 5:24 am

Part 12 reminded me A LOT of Part 6.

I hope next week things go BOOM!
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Re: Part 12 - Let's rock (SPOILERS)

Postby baxter » Mon Jul 31, 2017 5:26 am

Well, it was great for me, precisely because I was expecting it to be shit. I'm not slavishly claiming the whole thing is genius. I just enjoyed it. The first half particularly, since I could have been watching FWWM as its best during those Sarah Palmer scenes.

You can read my posts on here- I'm not one of these "my God it is all genius" types. I found last week a bit ordinary for example. I just went in to this with low expectations and came out pleasantly surprised. It's still a slow, slow build though...
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Re: Part 12 - Let's rock (SPOILERS)

Postby yaxomoxay » Mon Jul 31, 2017 5:27 am

Mr. Reindeer wrote:I didn't love the Blue Rose cases being explained in a very straightforward way -- felt painfully un-Lynchian. Also, Albert being a member of Blue Rose alongside Chet and Dale feels like a massive retcon -- wasn't he completely skeptical during the original run when Dale would mention Giants and dwarves (confining his findings to the planet Earth)?

Well, every group needs its Dana Scully.

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Re: Part 12 - Let's rock (SPOILERS)

Postby Rami Airola » Mon Jul 31, 2017 5:29 am

AgentEcho wrote:I'd actually never heard the term shaggy-dog story and looked it up, and I agree it perfectly characterizes a lot of what Lynch has been doing. Most shaggy-dog storytellers don't have the benefit of 25 years of buildup to toy with.

Thanks for introducing me to the term, I now realize I was a shaggy dog story teller when I was a kid, I just didn't know what the term was. It's no wonder a lot of this humor is connecting with me.

I had never heard about that either. Very interesting.
This season has really been very much about exactly that.
However, here's what wikipedia tells about it:
"A lengthy shaggy dog story derives its humour from the fact that the joke-teller held the attention of the listeners for a long time (such jokes can take five minutes or more to tell) for no reason at all, as the end resolution is essentially meaningless."
The problem with the Audrey scene was that the joke-teller wasn't able to hold the attention of the listener at all. It was badly written and badly directed shaggy dog story. He's been able to pull it of several times though, but especially here it was a miss.

Agent Sam Stanley wrote:Speaking of which, I didn't hate the Audrey scene. I loved the look of her husband at the end.

Yeah, I thought that was funny too (same type of a joke has been used in one Finnish sketch comedy series and it was funny as hell), but it's just a shame the way into that "punchline" was very very hard to travel and something I probably skip in future viewings.
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Re: Part 12 - Let's rock (SPOILERS)

Postby Cooperscoffeecup » Mon Jul 31, 2017 5:33 am

alreadygoneplaces wrote:Jerry Horne running out of the woods with blood on his hands? Or was it red gloves? Couldn't really tell...

He had red fingerless gloves on in the foot scene.
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Re: Part 12 - Let's rock (SPOILERS)

Postby Daliz » Mon Jul 31, 2017 5:47 am

Not the best episode but not bad.

Red curtains in the hotel room, that's a nice touch.
Sarah Palmer is great and creepy. "Men are coming" are probably certain "dirty bearded men in a room". What was that in her kitchen? And the fan..

I liked Audrey. I don't know what people were expecting, something like those RR scenes with the jazzy music, just like in 1990?
I felt she was very Audrey. The plot seems interesting, about the truck, Billy etc. The same truck borrowed/stolen by Richard?

Didn't like the warden hit being shown. It wasn't necessary and Chantal & Hutch are my least favourite characters anyway.
Also didn't like the french girl.

Edit. Oh and the shit digging shovel shit. Enough of that already please. It's getting old.

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