Mark Frost AMA on Reddit 11/8 @ 10 AM Pacific

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Re: Mark Frost AMA on Reddit 11/8 @ 10 AM Pacific

Postby Jasper » Thu Nov 09, 2017 4:48 pm

eyeboogers wrote:
Hallucinus wrote:wouldnt the one time be Cooper when he meets laura in the woods?

yes, but "What year is this?"

We don't even know the nature of the Odessa-verse, whether it's a "pocket dimension", an alternative timeline, a dream, or something else. Cooper is caught off guard and disoriented by Sarah Palmer's absence from what he thinks should be the Palmer home, and this is on top of having traveled to another dimension or timeline or dream, and stepping into the shoes of "Richard". Finally, whether or not going to the Odessa-verse involves time travel (and I don't think that it does), we know that Cooper has been messing around with time, so this sort of tragic disorientation might be expected. All of Coop's traveling through time and space, weird dimensions, different identities (and so on) is bound to lead to serious confusion.

The question, "What year is this?" seems like it might indicate that Cooper and Carrie/Laura are in some sort of false dimension or dream reality. Cooper asks the question, and as far as I can tell, "Carrie" realizes that she doesn't know the answer. This realization seems to trigger an awakening in "Carrie", who realizes that her reality is false and that she is actually Laura, which in turn leads to the lights going out on the house, and perhaps the whole of the Odessa-verse.

I don't think that Mark Frost is misleading the audience when he says that Cooper is the only one to time travel, and, yes, I'm sure that he's only speaking about The Return (or whatever it's being called this week).
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Re: Mark Frost AMA on Reddit 11/8 @ 10 AM Pacific

Postby Manwith » Tue Nov 14, 2017 11:47 am

Jerry Horne wrote:Frost closed with "Have a happy and safe couple of months." Anybody else find this a curious thing or just something to do with the holidays? Why not say enjoy the holidays?

Has Twin Peaks messed me up?

Hmmmm, seeing as he's a professional writer, if I had to guess, I'd say he choose that phrase to avoid a more cliche phrase...

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