Dr Who in Mulholland Drive?

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Dr Who in Mulholland Drive?

Postby albie » Tue Feb 05, 2013 3:41 am

Why did David Lynch put Dr Who in MULHOLLAND DRIVE?

Here he is.


The first time you see him. He bares his chest, leaning against the cabinets. A union Jack. On a green t-shirt. Notice his odd eye colouring? Like David Bowie.

Later he shows a blue key to Betty(Naomi Watts), she will find it when her adulterous lover is dead.


When she asks what it fits, the man just laughs horribly and mysteriously...then we cut to the Bum, behind the Winkies Diner, him dropping the blue box.

Notice he no longer has the odd eyes. He looks different. (regeneration?) it also could imply that the contact lense is a deliberate nod to Bowie.

We see another( sci-fi?) version of the key earlier. See the crescent moon?


Is this the box it fits? This blue box? The bum has it. She/he/it drops it and two tiny people come out of it. They later grow to full size.



It's kind of obvious. But i will now set it out as i see it.
A green union jack. Alien? Bowie? alien? A British alien? Who has a blue key to a blue box that deals with shrinking and growing?

The weirdo who drops the box is called Bum. Played by Bonnie Aarons. A BUM. A traveller. homeless. Dropping his box. His Tardis. His magical science. Dr Who? He looks uncannily like the really horrid burnt version of the master, the doctor's main enemy.(they have a past)


The bum scares a man in a dream, and then in reality. Look at him. He's called Dan.


He would look great as The Master. He's sat in a diner called Winkies. The villains in Oz. He is talking to Herb, who seems to act as a doctor or psychiatrist. They discuss his nightmare about that very diner. The thing behind it. He sees it, the bum. Horrid. He is The Master, remembering who he is. In the form of his most grotesque manifestation in the Dr Who series.

The film deals with remembering. The lesbian lovers(please don't get distracted)are in heaven, recalling their lives, sorting it out. In the form of the film. In the way they could best deal with it.

Or is it a double bluff? Are we dealing with The Doctor and The Master? Their reconciliation?

Earlier, when Betty is shown the blue key by the assassin(dr who) he tells her she will find it in a certain place - to signify the hit has been completed. Then she looks over and sees Dan(the master with the nightmare)stood by the counter. They are sat in the Winkies diner.

Is she to have the key to the tardis? And Dan is to be the Dr? She is his companion.
Dr Who has become the master and the master has become the dr.
A plot that has been in my head for a couple of years. Started around the time I started watching MULHOLLAND DRIVE obsessively.

And who is this skinny old guy in black leather that the doctor is hanging out with? Davros? he stands next to a trash bin for ages eating a big sausage. What better a gag?



Why do we see this assassin dr who in a scene in which he ABSOLUTELY botches a hit? because he's only just regenerated as the master, and is new to evil. and note the beard. master territory indeed.


More connections between MULHOLLAND DRIVE and DR WHO.
Notice the street sign itself. MULHOLLAND Dr. Mullholland Doctor.
Dr Who.
The clumsy assassination that the doctor takes part in involves him retrieving a book. "Ed's famous black book." "The history of the world in phone numbers."

Two references to the doctor. past and the telephone; his tardis, for ever frozen as a police phone box.
The small blue box sucks people in when it is opened. They shrink. Some come out later, and return to full size. It's the tardis, surely.

Rita's story in the film begins with a car crash. Roger Delgado, the first Master, died in 1973, in a car crash.
Rita later discovers her real name is Diane. R and D. Roger Delgado. D and R. DR.
She speaks spanish without knowing why. Roger Delgado was obviously of that persuasion.
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Re: Dr Who in Mulholland Drive?

Postby garethw » Tue Feb 05, 2013 9:38 am

Have you met Gruff?


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