The Good and the Evil in MD

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The Good and the Evil in MD

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Watching once again MD I noticed tha we have two archetipal figures: the cowboy and the magician. The first one represents the Good - as someone who comes to save anybody. The cowboy firstly helps Adam to solve his problems with his movie and the choosing of his movie star. Only when after Adam met this strange man his things happen well. And of course the cowboy "woke up" Daine - as God gave a breath of life to Eve and ADAM.

Someone in somewhere (forgive me if it was here) told about Club Silencio be a kind of Red Room (Twin Peaks Dale Cooper's "dream zone") and I think it quite possible. Well, in the Red Room we have the Man from another plance (the dwarf) and in MD he find the magician - and he is the Evil, the Devilish. After Rita/Camila and Betty/Diane met him in CLub Silencio strange things happen. The girls also cried out when they are in Club Silencio. Another thing: Clube Silencio can represent the Hell. There we can find (according to some theories) Laura Palme and Ronette Pulaski.

I know Laura and Ronette appearances aren't confirmed but it makes some sense.
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