An interesting thought

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An interesting thought

Postby Gibra » Thu Dec 31, 2015 10:10 am

A new thought I had -- one I haven't seen mentioned before -- regarding Mulholland Drive:

We know which parts of MH comprised the original pilot and which Lynch added when it became a feature.

Lynch has said that he at first had "zero ideas" about how to turn the open-ended pilot into a feature, and then one day the ideas came to him in "one long string." It seems clear, then, that the "dream" interpretation of MH was not in Lynch's mind when it was a pilot. The ideas that came to him later were, simply put, how to turn the reality-based events of the pilot into things that were happening in Diane's head.

Lynch was disheartened that his pilot was not picked up. Perhaps a bit disillusioned with Hollywood. Perhaps becoming cynical. Perhaps what seemed like a creative world full of possibilities was now starting to feel like hell. (After all, "Hollywood is hell.")

So, it's no wonder "Betty's" journey changed from something relatively innocent and well-intentioned to something much, much darker. The fantasy shattered, Lynch turned his story into one of Hollywood failure. In that way, MH's commonly accepted interpretation takes on a decidedly "meta" feeling. Diane's story is also Lynch's story, exaggerated. His dream has become a nightmare.

Just my thoughts today upon rewatching the film and thinking about the vast difference in mood between the feature film and what would have been the pilot.
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Re: An interesting thought

Postby LostInTheMovies » Fri Jan 01, 2016 10:51 am

I agree. I don't know how consciously Lynch was going for the dream interpretation (it seems a bit on the nose for him but on the other hand there are so many clues in the film that this is exactly what he's doing). But either way, the film's course is definitely a reflection of what happened to the project itself.

I think Twin Peaks - especially the finale - is also very meta in that sense. The script demanded that Cooper essentially lose his soul but the way Lynch directed (and rewrote) it, he seemed to be punishing the show itself for going astray from its premise.
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Re: An interesting thought

Postby Metamorphia » Fri Jan 29, 2016 5:57 am

Agree with this.

I also think there's a huge Freudian influence on this, particularly with regards to MD's influences: Persona and 3 Women. On the subject of the latter, Lynch had just recently worked with Sissy Spacek on The Straight Story and I wonder how that manifested itself subconsciously. The similarities are striking.

Lynch and Altman were also very pally around the time of the Academy Award nominations.

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