Thoughts on movie vs pilot

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Thoughts on movie vs pilot

Postby Gibra » Sat Aug 27, 2016 12:46 pm

Like a lot of people, probably, I'm using the BBC naming MH as gretest film of the 2000s as an excuse to rewatch it. Here are a couple of observations and a question for those who know a lot about the filming of the original pilot.

First, my question: Do we know definitively whether the Winkie's scene where Patrick Fischler recounts his dream was shot for the pilot (but deleted from it)? I know it's in at least one version of the early script, but was it shot at that point, or shot only after MH became a feature film? And same question for the Louise Bonner scene -- was it shot for the pilot? Because if it was, then her words "What's your name?" ["Betty."] "No! No it's not!" would seem to indicate what Lynch's plan was all along, even as a TV show.

My new observations: First of all, in the pilot, just like in the movie, the dead body in the bed is wearing what looks like the same outfit Betty is wearing when she sees it. Am I right?

Second, the character of Coco is interesting. In the "dream" part of the movie she's a soothing presence for Betty, giving off almost a motherly vibe. If Louise Bonner is, as I believe, the "troubled, repressed memories of Betty's actions" trying to assert itself in Betty's subconscious, it's interesting that Coco's role is to shoo her away, making Betty feel at ease. That's fitting, actually, because I see the Adam's-mother-Coco at the party as a bit of a soothing presence for Betty as well. The sympathetic look in her eyes when Betty is describing her struggles might be sufficient reason for Diane's mind to transform her into a "keep the bad (Louise Bonner) thoughts away; I didn't do anything wrong" character. Although even Coco warns Betty that "if there IS trouble, get rid of it." Which she ultimaetly does, I suppose.




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