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just rewatched MD

Posted: Fri Sep 29, 2017 6:57 pm
by dud
for the fourth, personally this is my favorite lynch work.

questions for y'all this time around:

1. why do you think betty disappears right before rita opens the blue box?

2. how do you guys explain some of the more tangential scenes like the hitman screw up sequence / pool cleaner stuff in the context of the most commonly agreed upon theory that the first 2 hours-ish is diane's idealized dream?

3. is it known exactly which scenes were filmed for the pilot and which were filmed when they returned to finish it as a feature film? i know the aunt and uncle in the cab was filmed in the latter production of the film. is there anything else pre-blue box opening ('awakening') that was filmed after lynched concocted the 'dream' idea to tie it all together? or was pretty much everything pre-blue box opening filmed for the pilot and then recontexualized once he filmed the rest of it?

thanks for any answers! very curious. totally loved season 3 of twin peaks but i can't say with completely honestly that it reached the brilliance of mulholland drive, at least not consistently. it was such a pleasure revisiting this work of art