What would MULHOLLAND DR. THE SERIES have been like?

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Re: What would MULHOLLAND DR. THE SERIES have been like?

Postby Hank_Jennings » Fri Jul 27, 2012 9:38 pm

It would have been far superior, & had the potential to be even greater than Twin Peaks. The main plot is pretty engaging, & its disappointing when we get this tacked on ending.

I think the transition between pilot & new footage is very obvious, & a lazy ending. Another problem is, with the new footage, Lynch is trying to copy Ingmar Bergman's film Persona, except it doesn't have anywhere near the amount of depth, or intelligence as Bergman's masterpiece, which I think is one of the greatest pieces of cinematic art over the last 50 years.

Its also very obvious that alot of the loose threads are only ambiguous because it was rejected as a TV pilot, not because Lynch properly planned these things. It really is a simple minded film & when people say Lynch just sticks random crap together, it is not entirely inaccurate with Mulholland Drive.

It is also very blandly shot. Nothing spectacular visually. Just compare the look of this film to Blue Velvet, FWWM, or Eraserhead. Those three films have highly striking cinematography. This is another problem due to the pilot rejection.

I also cannot praise any of the acting here. Its all horrible. Watts only good acting in the last part does not make up for the 90 minutes of crap as Betty. When filming as Betty, she was only acting as Betty only (because Diane as the same actress did not exist then). If she had known she'd play the other part, she'd have a different interpretation on how to have played both roles. This is clear to me after reading up alot about the film. It just bothers me.

While I won't go so far as to say its a bad film, but its pretty underwhelming after reading up on its history, as well as seeing more surrealist films such as Persona, The Trial, or Repulsion.

A real funny thing is I've seen people bad mouth FWWM for being "made for TV" when they praise Mulholland Drive.


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