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Wild at Heart French Blu-Ray

Posted: Mon Dec 08, 2008 6:23 am
by kerplooey
Sorry if something has already been posted about this.
This is just to tell you: do not buy this.

This Blu-Ray has been released for a month now, and it seems the transfer is pretty good. BUT it has forced French subtitles which, in this day and age, is just plain unacceptable. OK, I'm French and I understand the need to have subtitles in the language of the country where the film is being published, but the freedom to remove them if you don't need them is something so simple and essential it's hard to keep my temper when I see something like this. And please, BAC films, no legal mumbo jumbo to justify this. If there was really a legal reason, then you should sue whoever is responsible for making you have crippled releases, since 90% of other French Blu-Ray releases let the subtitles be optional.

So I'll just hold on until a British or US release gets out, and don't hesitate to let BAC films know that you would have bought their product if not for that bull.


Re: Wild at Heart French Blu-Ray

Posted: Fri Dec 12, 2008 5:44 am
by Evenreven
That's a shame. Are they burned in or just forced? If they're just forced, it will at least be possible to rip - without subs - into the best released version of the film. Just wondering.

Re: Wild at Heart French Blu-Ray

Posted: Mon Dec 22, 2008 3:20 pm
by kerplooey
I guess they are forced, there's also a french dubbed version without subtitles, so I guess it would be possible to rip the video from one version and the audio from the other... but I've watched the blu-ray this instant (the video club down the street just got it, so I just rented it) and compairing the two versions, as weird as it sounds, I definitely can't swear that in this instance the blu is an improvement.
The latest DVD release (I think that's the one in the lime green set) was compressed in the best possible way, and with a good upscaler it looks really good, while the additional infos on the blu-ray seem to be nothing but noise.

Really, I know I was against that version because of the forced subtitles in the first place (and this was actually the good surprise: the subtitles on my screen were really small and i soon forgot about them). But sincerely, this transfer is definitely nothing to write home about.

So if you have the Lynch-supervised transfer, I'd strongly recommend to hold onto it for now: this is definitely not the kind of blu-ray edition that justifies the format switch.