Major Briggs and The Dream/Dreamer

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Major Briggs and The Dream/Dreamer

Postby bosguy1981 » Wed Oct 25, 2017 6:18 am

Is Major Garland Briggs the key to understanding who is the dreamer? Was he the dreamer? Did he and Cooper dream the same dream, similar to how Cooper and Laura Palmer dreamed the same dream in seasons 1/2 of Twin Peaks? "But that's impossible!" - Andy Brennan.

This may have been covered in other threads (sorry, if there's an existing thread that's a better place to put this):

After BOB is defeated in Part 17, Agent Cooper looks at Naido and suddenly has some kind of realization. This is when his face is superimposed over all the action in the Sheriff's station. If I'm not mistaken, the first thing that happens after this face appears on screen is that Bobby Briggs walks into the office and asks what's going on in here. Cooper smiles a big, knowing smile at Bobby and says something like, "Bobby, your father saw all of this..." So Cooper sees Naido, has some kind of remembering/awakening, and immediately brings up Major Briggs.

Cooper would be remembering Naido from the Purple Zone where she leapt from the top of the structure and fell into space. And what did Cooper see immediately after Naido fell into space? The floating disembodied head of Major Briggs telling him "Blue Rose." And now Cooper's own disembodied head floats over the action in Part 17 just before he mentions Briggs.

Was Major Briggs "The dreamer"? (Whatever that even means, and I don't have a clue!) Is much of the action in Part 17 a "shared dream" that Cooper has where he somehow enters Briggs' dream? (Is that why Briggs was "hibernating" according to Hastings?) Is Part 18 a place where Cooper hopes to meet Laura Palmer and then Laura (as Carrie Page) can enter the shared dream too? I don't think I'd read anybody connecting the dream/dreamer to Major Briggs and that moment of recognition when Cooper sees Naido in Part 17 so I wanted to throw it out there if it hadn't been mentioned.

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