TP:TR Rewatch

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TP:TR Rewatch

Postby Nighthawk » Tue Feb 27, 2018 6:07 am

I am lucky enough to have come down with a cold. I get to spend the rest of the week recovering so I figured that it is as good of a time as any to finally revisit TP:TR. I decided to do it more methodically and take notes on every scene while watching. I just finished the first episode, which in itself is a feature movie length. I will post these notes as I complete them and as long as there is interest. These notes are not too meticulous, but I am trying to capture all of the scenes, who is in them, and what happens.

Part 1

  • (white lodge?) - Cooper and Giant - 430, Richard and Linda, two birds with one stone, listen to the sounds (gramophone), clicking sounds are heard, you are far away, i understand, it is in our house now, it all cannot be said aloud
  • Cabin in the woods - Dr. Jacobi - shovel delivery
  • New York - glass box, cameras recording, man watching, changes a memory card, Tracey brings coffee, Tracey watches intently as door code is entered, you are a bad girl Tracey, try me, menacing looking guard watches on, man goes back to watch the glass box, Tracey not allowed to come in
  • Great Northern Hotel - Beverly and Ben Horne, refund for woman with skunk trouble, Jerry Horne enters, Beverly is new at hotel, Ben denies "banging" her, she's married, Jerry talks gibberish, Jerry is not involved in hotel but brings in profits (selling weed?)
  • Sheriff station - Lucy mentions that one sheriff Truman is sick, another is out fishing
  • driving through forest at night - Mr. C. goes inside a house, knocks out a man with shotgun, meets Otis, another man is sitting in a chair, another in wheelchair (small, odd looking man), man with shotgun enters, gets knocked out again by Mr. C., elderly woman enters, Buella, Mr. C. asks about Ray and Darya, they come in, all three leave together
  • New York - glass box recording continues, Tracey comes with coffee, no guard present, glass box is sponsored by anonymous billionaire, man and Tracey have sex, grey figure appears in box, shreds the two into pieces
  • Buckhorn SD - fat woman returns to apartment, smells a bad odor next door, police come in, she has memory problems, Ruth Davenport's apartment is locked, police find maintenance man to get key, he's involved in some shady business, fat neighbour remembers she had key all along, dead woman with missing eye in bed, Constance examines the body, it is a man's body except for the head
  • Sheriff station - log lady calls Hawk, something is missing, has to do with Dale Cooper, finding it will involve Hawk's heritage
  • Buckhorn police station - Constance finds fingerprint match from Ruth's apartment, the match is Bill Hastings, police arrest Hastings at his home
  • Sheriff station - Hawk, Lucy and Andy prepare to search through Cooper files, Wally is mentioned, Lucy's child, he's 24 years old
  • Buckhorn police station - Hastings is questioned by Dave, he says he barely knows Ruth, librarian at the school, never been to her apartment, can't account for time on Thursday between 9:30 and 10:15, Dave tell Hastings about his fingerprints at the apartment and the murder, Hastings is locked in a cell
  • Buckhorn - police come to search Hastings' house, there is a piece of flesh in the trunk of his car

Part 2

  • Buckhorn police station - Hastings in his cell, Phyllis comes to visit, reveals she knew about affair with Ruth, Hastings says he knows about her affair with George (his lawyer), she leaves, George comes to station, speaks to Dave, there is a figure covered in soot two cells over from Hastings, it vanishes, its disembodied face floats upward
  • Buckhorn - Phyllis comes home, Mr. C. is there, he tells her she did good, shoots her with George's gun and leaves
  • Las Vegas - Duncan Todd's office - tells Roger to come in, gives him money, Roger is supposed to tell "her" that she's got the job, Roger asks why Duncan agrees to do things for him (Mr. C.?), Duncan tells him that he should hope never to meet someone like Mr. C.
  • Train crossing at night, train comes through
  • diner - Mr.C., Ray, Darya, Jack - Ray says that he will get information that Mr.C. needs, C. corrects him that he wants it, not needs it, information will come from Hastings' secretary
  • Ghostwood forrest - Hawk walk's to Glastonbury Grove at night, calls Margaret, something is supposed to happen, red curtains appear
  • Waiting room - Cooper and one armed man - is it future or is it past, someone is here, similar sound to adapter in Giant's house, it's Laura's high heels clicking on the floor, you can leave now, are you Laura Palmer?, I feel like I know her but sometimes my arms bend back, I am Laura Palmer, she's dead, I am dead and yet I live, she opens up her face, blinding light is inside, closes it, Laura comes over, leans over Cooper and kisses him, whispers something in his ear, gets up, starts shaking and screaming, disappears, red curtains lifted by wind, white horse, one armed man appears, is it future or is it past, evolution of the arm, doppelganger must come back before Cooper can go out
  • Mr.C. puts a fancy Mercedes in storage, Jack from diner is there, Mr.C. squeezes Jack's face in an odd way
  • Mr.C. arrives at a motel with red doors, Darya is in a room, on the phone with someone, Mr.C. asks about who was calling, Darya says it was Jack, he finished working on Ruth's car, Mr.C. says that Jack is dead, he killed him, Mr.C. recorded Darya's call with Ray, he's in prison in South Dakota, Mr.C. asks who hired her and Ray, she doesn't know, Mr.C. says he's supposed to go back to the Black Lodge tomorrow, but he's not going to, he's got a plan, asks Darya about coordinates, shows her a playing card with "Judy", kills Darya, gets on a call (strange device) with Phillip Jeffries, "Jeffries" says he knows about C.'s meeting with Briggs, says C. is going back in, C. questions whether this is really Jeffries, "Jeffries" says he will be with Bob again, call ends, Mr.C. downloads information about SD prison, goes to room 7 next door, Chantal is there, he will have a job for her and her husband in a few days, it's implied that C. and Chantal have sex
  • Waiting room - Cooper, one armed man, arm - 253 time and time again, Bob, Bob, Bob, go now, Cooper wanders around lodge rooms, Leland is in a chair, find Laura, one armed man and the arm, something's wrong, my doppelganger (arm's), Cooper looks through curtains, sees empty road, Mr. C. is driving a car, statue changes into arm's doppelganger, screams and thrashes, nonexistent, lodge surroundings dissolve, Cooper falls somewhere
  • New York - Cooper lands on top of glass box, floats inside, no sign of man and Tracey on the couch, flashback to man and Tracey looking for the guard, Cooper vanishes from box before the two come in
  • Cooper floating through some space
  • Twin Peaks, Palmer house - Sarah watcing television, drinking and smoking on TV lions are devouring some animal
  • Roadhouse - chromatics song, James and green glove enter, Shelley and three women talking about Becky and Steven, something is wrong with them, James staring at woman next to Shelley, they notice, James was in a motorcycle accident, he's quiet now, he's always been cool, Red makes a gunshot gesture towards Shelley, she smiles at him, James continues to stare wistfully, end credits
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Re: TP:TR Rewatch

Postby Nighthawk » Tue Feb 27, 2018 7:55 am

Ok, done with part 3 now.

Part 3

  • Cooper falls through space filled with stars, everything shakes, he lands on a balcony of a strange building, vast purple colored body of water surrounds the building, Cooper looks at it for a while, no land is visible other than the building, Cooper goes inside, girl with skin covering her eyes is inside, she and Cooper hold hands, her speech is unintelligible, where are we?, loud banging on door, device in the wall with number 15 on it, Cooper approaches device, girl tries to explain something, they go to another room and climb a ladder, they are on top of a box floating in star filled space, box isn't connected to anything, there is a bell-like object on the box, banging sound is stil audible, girl pulls a lever on the side of the "bell", she's thrown off into space, vanishes in the distance, head of Briggs floats through space, Blue Rose, Cooper climbs back inside, another woman is sitting in the room, device with number 3 is on the wall, purple rose is on the table, girls watch shows 2:53, desk lamp switches on, device with a socket in it is shown again
  • Mr. C. is driving, it's 2:53 on the clock, he starts feeling ill
  • Cooper approaches device, when you get there, you will already be there, you'd better hurry, my mother's coming, Cooper is pulled into the socket with 3 above it, lots of electrical buzzing and crackling sounds, banging on door continues, Mr. C. continues to deteriorate, crashes the car, he appears to be about to vomit, red curtains appear
  • Rancho Rosa (double R) - Dougie and a naked prostitute, his arm fell asleep, he gives her money, he has the green ring on his finger, he starts to feel ill, curtains close in on Mr. C., Dougie vomits on the floor, MR. C. also vomits, but the curtains pull back from him, Dougie is in the Waiting room, one armed man, someone manufactured you, Dougie shrinks and disappears, green ring and golden orb are left behind, green ring is placed on a podium
  • Rancho Rosa - Dougie is ejected from an electric socket, materializes in a suit, prostitute girl discovers him, they leave together, Dougie is non-responsive, the Great Northern hotel key is in his pocket (room 315, device 3 + device 15?), they leave just as a man arrives in a car and communicates with another on walkie-talkie, they are trying to kill Dougie, Sycamore St., Jade gives two rides, Cooper leans forward at just the right time to avoid being killed, 119 girl, bomb planted on Dougie's car, 119 girl takes a pill and drinks alcohol
  • Mr. C.'s car is discovered by police, he's unconscious, horrible smell inside car
  • Sheriff station - donut disturb, Hawk, Andy, and Lucy pour over files, can't find anything missing, you're an Indian, a bunny is missing, eaten by Lucy, it's not about the bunnies
  • Cabin in the woods - Dr. Jacobi - spray-painting shovels gold
  • Silver Mustang Casino - Mr. C. is dropped off, you can go out now, flashback to Laura, Dougie shuffles in, Dougie repeats last words said, it gets him around, he gets change to gamble, red curtains appear above a slot machine, Dougie feeds in a quarter, wins, Dougie can only say things that he's already heard, a dishevelled old woman looks on as Dougie wins, heloooooo, old woman wins after following Dougie's suggestion
  • FBI headquarters PA - Gordon, Albert, Tammy - Tracey and man's bodies are shown after being killed in NY, picture of Judy was captured on camera, Cooper calls, he's in prison in South Dakota, all three will go to see him
  • Roadhouse - band plays a song, nothing plot-related happens
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Re: TP:TR Rewatch

Postby Nighthawk » Tue Feb 27, 2018 9:54 am

Part 4

  • Dougie keeps winning as Duncan Todd looks on, dishevelled woman wins again thanks to Dougie, acquaintances meet Dougie, his home is on Lancelot Ct. and it has a red door, Dougie is brought into office to get his winnings, Limo takes Dougie home, stops in front of house with red door, owl flies by, Janey-E comes out, slaps Dougie, he was missing for three days, she mellows when she discovers the big money bag, Mr. Jackpot, enough to pay them back
  • FBI headquarters - Cole and Denise - Denise insinuates Cole is taking Tammy with him for a reason, Cole acknowledges he is "old school", Denise is chief of staff, believes Gordon is on to something big
  • Sheriff station - Lucy is rambling on the phone to sheriff Truman, sheriff Truman comes in holding a cell phone, causes Lucy to faint, she cannot understand cell phones, little Danny Craig OD'd on drugs at the high school, Frank Truman speaks to Bobby, Andy and Lucy keep discussing the nature of mobile phones, in a conference room Chad is mean to Lucy and Andy for no apparent reason, Bobby sees a picture of Laura on the table and starts crying, Bobby's dad (Briggs) died in a fire at the station next day after being visited by Cooper 25 years ago, Wally Brando arrives (ugh) wooden acting ensues, Lucy and Andy are his parents apparently, Wally is a nomadic biker it seems
  • Dougie's home - Dougie cannot dress himself, one armed man appears, you were tricked, one of you must die, Dougie doesn't know how to pee, Dougie smiles at Sonny Jim who makes a thumbs up gesture, Dougie puts a tie around his face when comes down for breakfast, Dougie fumbles with breakfast, gets a taste of coffee, gets ecstatic
  • South Dakota - Gordon, Albert, Tammy - they are driven to the prison, talk about Mt. Rushmore, a bag of cocaine, a machine gun, and a dog leg were found in Mr. C's car, Cooper gives thumbs up when they see him, yrev, Mr. C. has been working undercover, primarily with Phillip Jeffries, Mr. C. repeats himself awkwardly, he left messages, messages so Phillip knows its safe, Gordon, Albert, and Tammy speak outside, Tammy is asked to step away, Albert tells Gordon that he authorized for Phillip to give Cooper information many years before, about their man in Columbia, Gordon seems disappointed in Albert, they express doubt about Cooper, Blue Rose
  • Roadhouse - nothing plot-related happens

I am starting to remember why I got turned off by TP:TR during the original run. It had everything to do with the introduction of Dougie. Episodes 1 and 2 were terrific, but now everything is losing steam.
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Re: TP:TR Rewatch

Postby Nighthawk » Tue Feb 27, 2018 11:23 am

Part 5

  • Goons are staked out in front of Dougie's house, they call Lorraine, she is nervous about the delay, calls someone
  • Buckhorn police station - Constance dissected Brigg's corpse, he had a ring in his stomach inscribed with "to Dougie Jones from Janey-E" or something close to that
  • Mr. C. in prison, and now food is coming, Mr. C. sees Bob in the mirror, you are still with me
  • Steven meets with Mike, job interview, Mike berates Steve for putting in a sloppy application, Steven leaves in anger
  • Sheriff station - Frank talks to Harry on the phone, when do you get those tests back?, Frank's wife, Doris, barges in and complains about everything
  • Dougie's house - Dougie, Janey-E, and Sonny Jim are leaving the house, Janey-E reminds Dougie to set up a meeting to return 50 grand to some unnamed people, Dougie won 425 grand at the casino, Dougie cries looking at Sonny Jim
  • Rancho Rosa - two groups of goons drive by Dougie's car parked in front of a house
  • Las Vegas - Dougie acting catatonic, shuffles over to a statue of a cowboy pointing a gun, emulates the gesture, gun points him in the right direction to his office, Dougie follows a man with many coffee cups to make it to the right floor in the office, Dougie enjoys coffee in the elevator, Dougie calls one of the agents a liar in a meeting, Dougie reacts to the word agent in Bushnell's office, Bushnell gives him a wallop of cases to work through overnight, Dougie doesn't know how to pee, pretty lady sneaks him into ladies restroom, she comes on to him asking for a kiss and more, Dougie is of course oblivious
  • Silver Mustang Casino - Mitchum brothers come in and physically beat the manager responsible for the floor during Dougie's winning strak, Duncan Todd gets his job
  • Rancho Rosa - 119 girl sleeps slumped in a chair, her son approaches Dougie's parked car across the street, he's drawn by a blinking light of a bomb attached to the undercarriage of the car, he gets chased away by four goons who arrive in a black car, they tamper with the car and get blown up
  • Great Northern hotel key is found in Jade's car by a man doing detailing on it, she throws the key in the mailbox so it gets sent to the address listed on the key tag
  • Double R diner - Norma is doing paperwork, Toad is still around, Becky comes in asking Shelley for money, Becky jumps into Steven's white Firebird, they take drugs (cocaine?) and go for a joyride
  • Las Vegas - Dougie is leaving the office clutching the case files, Dougie is transfixed by the cowboy (sheriff?) statue outside again
  • Sheriff station - Hawk and Andy are searching through Cooper files, no Indians have been found
  • Cabin in the woods - Dr. Amp broadcast, from White Tail Peak, raving about conspiracies, Jerry Horne is listening, as is Nadine, Jacobi markets his golden shovels
  • Pentagon - Colonel Davis and Cindy discuss Briggs investigation, Cindy will head to South Dakota to check out the alleged Briggs body
  • Roadhouse - Richard Horne sits alone in a booth, smoking under a no smoking sign, Chad arrives, Richard gives him a pack of cigarretes, it's filled with money, a woman from a nearby booth asks Richard for a smoke, she reluctantly comes over and sits down next to him, he abruptly grabs her, squeezes her neck, and talks menacingly to her
  • FBI office - Tammy is looking at Cooper files, compares his picture to Mr. C., looks troubled when viewing his fingerprints
  • South Dakota prison - Warden Murphy watches Mr. C. make his one phone call, Mr. C. mentions Mr. Strawberry, Murphy looks troubled, Mr. C. dials a number, alarms start blaring, the cow jumped over the moon
  • Buenos Aires - a mysterious box sits in a bowl, it beeps and shrinks to a tiny object, this is the same box that Lorraine was calling early in the episode
  • Las Vegas - Dougie is still obsessed with the statue
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TP:TR Rewatch

Postby yaxomoxay » Tue Feb 27, 2018 12:21 pm

I wish I had the flu !!

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Re: TP:TR Rewatch

Postby Nighthawk » Tue Feb 27, 2018 2:39 pm

Part 6

  • Las Vegas - it's nighttime and Dougie is still by the statue next to the office, a security guard tries to find out who he is and where he lives
  • Dougie's home - security guards bring Dougie home, Janey-E makes sandwiches and they eat, she questions Dougie about case files he brought, tells him to go say goodnight to Sonny Jim, he eventually fumbles his way into Sonny Jim's room, Janey-E opens an unmarked envelope with a picture of Jade and Dougie, Jade give two rides, phone call from Dougie's debt holders, demand 50 grand, Janey-E sets up a meeting with them, tells Dougie to get started on his case files
  • Waiting room - one armed man is walking around, waiving his only arm, communicates with Dougie telling him to wake up, don't die, lights appear on Dougie's case files and guide his awkward hand, in a couple of places Dougie draws what appears to be a ladder and stairs
  • Albert driving a car, talking to Gordon who says something about drinking fine Bordeaux (implied to be a woman), Albert goes inside a bar and meets Diane who is drinking there
  • Twin Peaks or nearby - Richard Horne and Red are completing a drug deal (sparkle), Mary Ann is mentioned, Red does a "magic" trick with a coin that appears to defy physics, Red bullies Richard throughout
  • Twin Peaks or nearby - Richard is driving his truck in anger, seething from the meeting with Red,
  • Fat Trout trailer park - Carl Rodd rides in a car into town (Twin Peaks?), Mickey rides along, mentions Linda,
  • Double R diner - Heidi and Miriam chat, Heidi does her trademark giggle
  • Back to Richard driving his truck, still in anger, he is speeding and swerving, Carl relaxes on a park bench, looks with a smile at a mother and her young son playing tag, the boy walks out onto the road just as Richard recklessly drives in the wrong lane and ignores a stop sign, he hits the boy killing him instantly, Richard flees the scene, Miriam sees him though, Carl sees the boy's soul ascending towards the sky, he comforts the grieving mother, electric pole with number 6 is shown
  • Las Vegas - Duncan Todd's office, he retrieves some documents from a safe
  • Rancho Rosa - police investigate Dougie's exploded car, 119 girl
  • Ike the Spike is at a nearby motel, receives what appears to be the same document Todd retrieved from his safe, pictures of Lorraine and Dougie are inside
  • Dougie shuffles into the office with his case files, Bushnell calls him into his office, after some time Bushnell realizes that Dougie has identified some important issue with his scribbling in the case files, Dougie not able to shake hands
  • Janey-E meets with debtors, she refuses to pay full 50 grand, she pays them 25, they accept it as they are surprised by her tough attitude
  • Ike the Spike runs into Lorraine's office and murders her with... well, the spike, he also murders another woman who is an accidental witness, his spike gets bent in the process, which he appears to be sad about
  • Twin Peaks - Richard drives his truck to a secluded area, cleans the boy's blood off the grille of the truck
  • Sheriff station - Hawk finds pages from Laura's diary in the bathroom stall door, a coin with an Indian led him to it (heritage), Doris barges in and berates Frank again, it's revelead that their son committed suicide, Chad is being a pain again
  • Roadhouse - nothing relevant to the plot happens
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Re: TP:TR Rewatch

Postby Nighthawk » Wed Feb 28, 2018 1:47 am

Part 7

  • Twin Peaks - Jerry Horne alone in the woods, looks like he's afraid, calls Ben to inform him that someone stole his car, he's high, confused
  • Sheriff station - Hawk and Frank - pages from Laura diary are examined, diary talks about Annie being in the lodge with Dale, three pages were found out of four, one page is still missing, Hawk speculates that Leland hid the pages, words from Annie came to her in a dream
  • Sheriff station - Frank calls Harry to talk about the finding, but Harry has received some bad news, presumably his health test results
  • Twin Peaks - Andy has found the truck that was used in the hit and run (Richard Horne) killing of a boy, truck is parked near a house, owner appears nervous and afraid of something, tells Andy that he will tell him who was driving the truck, but it has to be later, setup to meet at 4:30
  • Sheriff station - Frank calls doc Hayward on Skype, doc remembers that Cooper was strange after coming out of the lodge (that strange face), doc saw him come over to the hospital, thought Cooper might have been looking for Audrey who was in the hospital at the time
  • Buckhorn - Lt Knox (Cindy) comes to police station, Constance shows them the headless body of Briggs, body is that of a man in late 40's, died in the last few days, Knox calls Col Davis, informs him about particulars of finding Briggs' body, woodsman passes through the hall
  • FBI office - Gordon Cole whistling a tune, Albert informs him that he found Diane, she didn't want to talk, they decide to visit Diane together
  • Diane's apartment - a young man is there and leaves just as Cole and Albert arrive, Diane is throwing F-bombs, but eventually serves coffee and agrees to go see Cooper
  • Plane to South Dakota - Diane is drinking on the plane, Albert, Gordon, Tammy discuss Cooper's fingerprints, one print is reversed, YREV the backwards word, photo of Mr. C. from Rio, Diane listens to their conversation
  • South Dakota - Diane sees Cooper alone, Diane asks Mr. C. when they last saw each other, he responds it was at her house years ago, something bad happened at that time, who are you?, Diane leaves agitated
  • Diane informs Gordon that the man she saw is not Cooper, something is off
  • Mr. C. wants to meet with warden Murphy to speak about a strawberry, when they speak Mr. C. mentioned a dog that had 4 legs, 1 was found in trunk of Mr. C.'s car, the other ones went out with some information, Joe McCluskey is mentioned, Mr. C. requires a car and a gun, safe passage out along with Ray Monroe
  • Twin Peaks - Andy is waiting fruitlessly for his 4:30 meeting, the man doesn't show up, it's implied that he could be dead
  • Las Vegas - Janey-E is waiting for Dougie who is accosted by the corrupt insurance salesman, the salesman is worried about Dougie's discussion with Bushnell, police officers arrive (Fusco's), Dougie's car was found, Janey-E handles the conversation with police, Ike the Spike attacks Dougie outside, Dougie reacts instinctively the way Cooper would, evolution of the arm appears, squeeze his hand off, part of Ike's flesh recovered from a gun
  • Great Northern hotel - Ben hears a humming tone in his office, Beverly was the first one to hear it, they appear to have some chemistry together, 315 room key came in the mail, keys like that haven't been used in 20 years, 315 is the room where Cooper stayed
  • Twin Peaks - Beverly's house, her husband is terminally ill, he's suspicious of her staying out late, they are both resentful of one another
  • Roadhouse - extremely long floor sweeping scene, Jean Michel Renault talks to someone on the phone about sending two 15-year old prostitutes to someone, Roadhouse is owned by Renault family
  • South Dakota - Mr. C. heads out of prison along with Ray, just like he requested of Warden Murphy
  • Double R diner - Shelley, Norma, Heidi serving diner customers, it looks quite busy
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Re: TP:TR Rewatch

Postby Nighthawk » Wed Feb 28, 2018 2:28 am

Part 8

  • Ray and Mr. C. driving at night, Mr.C. disables tracking devices on the car, they are supposed to go to "the farm", Ray has information that Mr. C. wants, he has it memorized, Ray pulls over to take a leak, Mr. C. retrieves a gun from glove compartment, Ray knows that Mr. C.'s gun is not loaded, shoots him, woodsmen appear and perform a ritual over Mr. C., Bob orb emerges from his body, but is prevented from leaving just in time, Ray flees in the car
  • Ray calls Phillip from the car, tells him he thinks C. is dead, but he's not sure, he will continue on to the "farm" and see if C. shows up
  • Roadhouse - Nine Inch Nails perform
  • Mr.C. reawakens
  • White Sands NM, 1945 - nuclear test, trippy trip through the heart of a nuclear explosion, some form of a tunnel
  • Convenience store and gas station - time appears to run in an accelerated jittery manner, woodsmen putter about as bright lights flash inside the store and outside
  • Judy figure appears in some otherworldy dimension, floating in space, spews goo from mouth that includes many orbs, including the Bob orb
  • More trippy imagery that resembles 2001: Space Odyssey
  • Purple ocean - zoom in on a solitary, steep, tall mountain rising up from it, a palace sits on top of the mountain, it's the Giant's home, he is inside along with a female companion
  • Giant's palace - music plays on a gramophone as senorita Dido listens, bell shaped object emits an alarm sound and the Giant checks on it, Giant observes the nuclear test on Earth on a large cinema-style screen, convenience store with the woodsmen and Judy/Bob orb are also shown, Giant starts levitating, emits a Golden dust/substance, Laura's golden orb is created and sent to Earth
  • New Mexico Desert 1956 - an egg hatches in the sand, frog bug with wings crawls out of it, teenage boy and girl are outside on a walk, they pass by a gas station that resembles the convenience store, woodsmen descend to Earth, a couple driving at night is accosted by a woodsman who asks for a light repeatedly, boy and girl continue their walk, they share a quick kiss before parting at her house
  • A woodsman shows up at a radio station, kills two people inside by crushing their skulls with bare hand and takes over the microphone, he repeats a series of phrases (this is the water, and this is the well), which appears to put listeners into a trance of sorts, some faint, frog bug climbs into the mouth of the girl from the walk as she sleeps, woodsman ends his monologue and leaves the radio station
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Re: TP:TR Rewatch

Postby Nighthawk » Wed Feb 28, 2018 4:13 am

Part 9

  • Mr. C. makes his way over to a place ("the farm"?) where Hutch and Chantal are staying, Mr.C. requests a couple of new phones, farm's owners are seen dead at one point, Mr. C. calls Duncan Todd, asks about progress (presumably of Ike the Spike's hits), Mr. C. tells Hutch/Chantal to kill the Warden and then a hit in Las Vegas, Chantal kisses Mr. C., he drives off in a truck
  • FBI plane - col Davis calls Gordon, tells Gordon to go see Lt Knox in Buckhorn, they take a detour from returning to Philadelphia, Warden Murphy calls Gordon to inform of C.'s "escape"
  • Las Vegas - Dougie and Janey-E at the police station, Bushnell is also there talking with Fuscos, Dougie has been with Lucky 7 insurance for 12 years, he had a car accident once that left some lasting effects, Fuscos discuss between themselves, there is no record of Dougie prior to 1997, Fuscos get Dougie's fingerprints off of a coffee mug, Ike the Spike is identified as Dougie's attacker, Dougie stares intently at an American flag, he is also transfixed by a woman wearing red heels (Janey-E is also wearing red shoes), then by an electrical socket
  • Ike the Spike informs someone that his hit failed, he is arrested before he leaves his motel
  • Sheriff station - Lucy is searching for a new chair set, tries to decide on color with Andy
  • Horne's house - Johnny runs headfirst into a wall, there is an electrical flash, he lies bloodied and unconscious
  • Briggs home - Frank, Hawk, and Bobby talk to Briggs' widow, she informs them about Briggs leaving a message about Cooper for Bobby/Hawk/Truman, message is hidden inside a chair in the living room (this is the chair)
  • Buckhorn - Gordon/Albert/Tammy/Diane/Knox - Diane receives text (aroung the dinner table, the conversation is lively), others go to see Briggs body, Hasting's secretary died in a car explosion, George (Hasting's lawyer) has been arrested for Hasting's wife's murder, Constance amuses Albert, Albert realizes that body is of a man in his 40's, Briggs should be 72, Constance shows Dougie's ring retrieved from Briggs stomach
  • Twin Peaks - Jerry Horne is still lost in the woods, he has major trouble controlling his apparently sentient foot
  • Sheriff station - Chad is ejected from the conference room, message from Briggs is enclosed in a small metal tube, Bobby says he knows how to open it, goes outside with Frank/Hawk and smashes the tube against the ground, it emits a sound and he smashes it again, the tube opens, message talks about Jack Rabbit's Palace, 253 east of the palace, date 10/1, time 2:53, part of message from signal is also there (Cooper/Cooper/Cooper)
  • Buckhorn - awkwards silence between Gordon, Tammy and Diane, Gordon takes a puff of Diane's cigarette, Tammy goes in to question Hastings, asks about Hasting's blog (search for the Zone), Ruth and Hasting's found the major, he asked to get him important numbers (coordinates), they got them from a military database, when they brought numbers to majors some mysterious figures appeared and killed Ruth and Briggs, Hasting's identifies Major's photo (date is 20/9), Briggs mentioned words "Cooper, Cooper" before his head disappeared
  • Great Northern hotel - Ben and Beverly listen to the humming sound again, source of the hum cannot be found, the sound is the loudest in one corner of Ben's office, they come close to kissing, but Ben pulls back
  • Roadhouse - two women talk in a booth, drink beer, one has a rash on her underarm, she uses drugs (got her fired from a job)

Well, that's halfway through...
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Re: TP:TR Rewatch

Postby Nighthawk » Wed Feb 28, 2018 9:54 am

Part 10

  • Twin Peaks - Miriam's trailer, Richard Horne drives up in a beat up Saturn, Miriam says she notified the police of the hit and run, also sent a letter to the sheriff, Richard attacks her and presumably kills her, he calls Chad at the sheriff station to intercept the letter, Miriam is lying in a pool of blood in her trailer
  • Fat Trout trailer park - Carl sings Red River Valley, red mug breaks the window of Becky and Steven's place, they are arguing inside, Steven is having a fit of anger while Becky cowers on the couch
  • Las Vegas - Mitchum brothers' house, Candie is trying to kill a fly, hits Rodney over the face with a tv remote control
  • Dougie is at a doctor's office, he's getting examined, Janey-E looks admiringly at his slim physique, he's in perfect physical health
  • Mitchum's house - arrest of Ike is on the local news, Dougie is also shown, Mitchums recognize him as Mr. Jackpot
  • Dougie's house - Janey-E and Dougie have sex
  • Cabin in the woods - Dr. Amp's broadcast, Nadine is listening as usual at her drapes store, golden shovel is in the display window
  • Las Vegas - Dougie's house, Janey-E is very happy, she and Dougie kiss, Dougie seems more alert, he walks to the car on his own
  • Twin Peaks - Jerry Horne is still lost in the woods
  • Sheriff station - Chad is waiting to intercept the mail, Lucy watches him through a window, he finds the letter from Miriam, hides it
  • Richard Horne driving, gets a text from Chad that the job is done
  • Horne house - Johnny sits in front of a creepy, headless, talking teddy bear, Richard barges in and asks for money, he beats up his grandmother when she refuses to give it to him, steals money from the safe and from her purse
  • Las Vegas - Duncan Todd's office, gets info that Ike was arrested, fraudulent insurance agent (Anthony) from Dougie's office is there, Duncan requests that he sets up Dougie to be killed by the Mitchum brothers
  • Buckhorn - Albert is on a date with Constance, Gordon and Tammy watch them from a distance and smile
  • Silver Mustang Casino - Anthony is brought into Mitchums' back office by Candie, she takes a long time to accomplish the task, seems very distracted, Anthony informs Mitchums that Dougie tried to prevent Mitchums from claiming insurance payout ($30 mil) for arson of their hotel from few months prior, Mitchums don't reveal to Anthony what they are going to do and he leaves reluctantly
  • Mitchums' house - brothers decide to set up a meeting with Dougie and kill him
  • Gordon's hotel room - Gordon is doodling on a piece of paper, knock on the door, sees a brief vision of Laura, she vanishes and Albert is there, Albert knows content of text sent to Diane (around the dinner table...), message came from a server in Mexico, she replied with an encrypted message (they have Hastings, he's going to take them to the site), the two realize that Diane is working with Mr. C., Tammy arrives, she has a photo of Mr. C. from the glass box location in NY
  • Great Northern hotel - Sylvia informs Ben of Richard's attack, it appears that Hornes are divorced, Sylvia wants money, Ben asks Beverly to dinner
  • Sheriff station - log lady is on a call with Hawk, Laura is the one
  • Roadhouse - nothing relevant to the plot happens

Part 11

  • Twin Peaks - boys playing catch by a house, bloodied Miriam crawls out of the woods
  • Fat Trout trailer park - Becky receives a call from Steven, she urgently needs a car and calls Shelley for help, Becky arms herself with a gun, when Shelley arrives, Becky drives off in her car despite Shelley climbing on the hood of it to stop her, Carl comes over to check on Shelley, she asks for a ride to the Double R, Norma advises Shelley to call Bobby for help
  • Becky arrives at some apartment building, fires shots into a door in rage, Steven is in another part of the building with another woman (Gersten)
  • Buckhorn - Hastings leads Gordon, Albert, Tammy, and Diane to a vacant lot, this is where Hastings saw Briggs, a woodsman is seen walking between houses, Gordon and Albert walk into the lot perimeter, Gordon sees a vortex up in the air, everything goes blurry, Gordon starts getting sucked into the vortex, but Albert pulls him back at the last moment, woodsmen on the convenience store stairs are briefly visible, Gordon and Albert find Ruth's headless body lying nearby in the grass, coordinates are written on her forearm, woodsmen appear next to the police cruiser and kill Hastings (crush his skull), address of the vacant lot is 2240 Sycamore
  • Double R diner - Bobby, Shelley and Becky talk, they are trying to persuade Becky to leave Steven, in the midst of an emotional moment between them, Red approaches the diner window and Shelley giggles like a school girl, forgetting all about Becky, she goes outside to meet Red, they are obviously seeing each other, shots are heard outside and Bobby goes to investigate, gun was discharged by a kid a family van, people are arguing and horns blaring, woman honking in the car is extremely agitated, a zombie-like kid next has vomit dripping from her mouth
  • Sheriff station - Frank and Hawk are examining location of Jack Rabbit palace on a map, Hawk has his own map (made by his people), Judy symbol is visible where Briggs observation point was, diseased corn is also pictured, black corn and fire put together create black fire, Hawk doesn't want to talk the Judy symbol, log lady calls, she knows that Hawk found something, there is fire where you are going
  • Buckhorn - FBI crew, Gordon's right hand shakes, Gordon wants to see the picture of Ruth's arm, Diane memorizes the coordinates while Gordon looks at it, Diane uncharacteristically asks for a permission to smoke, Albert, Gordon, and Diane realize they all saw woodsment on the scene
  • Las Vegas - Bushnell's office - Dougie is lured into the office with a cup of coffee, Mitchum brothers hotel fire was not arson, it was a legitimate fire, Dougie is to meet with Mitchum brothers and deliver their $30 mil check, after they go outside, Dougie is beckoned by one armed man into a cake shop, he walks out with a big box and he's picked up by Mitchums' limo
  • Mitchum house - brothers eating breakfast, Bradley had a dream about killing Dougie
  • Limo takes Dougie to a remote spot, Mitchums are waiting there, Bradley is troubled by his dream, Rodney's cut made by Candie has completely healed over night, just like in Bradley's dream, Dougie approaches Mitchums carrying the big box, it was also in Bradley's dream, it's supposed to contain a cherry pie and indeed it does, Bradley finds the insurance claim check in Dougie's suit pocket, all three go to dinner
  • Santino's restaurant - Mitchum's decide to buy a gym set for Sonny Jim, they toast champagne, moody music played on the piano, dishevelled old woman from the casino (now looking really well) comes in and recognizes Mr. Jackpot who turned her life around, Mitchums and Dougie share cherry pies, Dougie eats with great pleasure, they toast again and eat more pie

Part 12

  • Buckhorn - Gordon, Albert, Tammy share wine, Albert tells Tammy about Project Blue Book and its offshoot Blue Rose, Phillip Jeffries was chosen to head it, along with Chet Desmond, Dale Cooper and Albert were recruited by him, Tammy is asked to join, she agrees, Diane shows up, FBI wants to deputize her on a temporary basis to help with Cooper investigation
  • Twin Peaks - Jerry Horne runs out of the woods
  • Twin Peaks - Sarah Palmer is shopping at a grocery store, buys lots of booze, she's perturbed by packets of turkey jerky on display, she says that men are coming, something happened to her, she doesn't feel good, she talks to herself in the third person and runs out, a clerk says he knows where Sarah lives and he can deliver things she bought
  • Fat Trout trailer park - Carl forgives rent from a man who sells blood to get the money
  • Dougie's home - Dougie and Sonny Jim play catch
  • Palmer house - Hawk shows up, Sarah opens the door, ceiling fan is running, there is a sound coming from Sarah's kitchen, she seems calm, but acting strangely, Hawk offers to help her if needed
  • Twin Peaks - Miriam is in the hospital, unconscious
  • Buckhorn - Diane is drinking at the hotel bar, text message (Las Vegas? They haven't asked yet)
  • Great Northern hotel - Frank visits Ben, tells him about Richard being responsible for hit and run killing, and attacking Miriam Sullivan, Ben promises to pay for Miriam's treatment, Ben shows Frank the 315 room key, Frank takes the key as a gift for Harry, Ben tells Beverly about Richard (he never had a father)
  • Buckhorn - Gordon is in his hotel room with a pretty, young lady, Albert shows up, asks her to wait downstairs, she takes her time putting on her shoes and lipstick, showing off in front of Gordon, before finally stepping out, Albert relays Diane's last text exchange
  • Chantal and Hutch are staked out in front of Warden Murphy's house, Hutch shoots him from a distance, kills him, his small son runs outside and finds him, Chantal and Hutch leave to eat at Wendy's
  • Cabin in the woods - Dr. Amp's broadcast, seems like a replay of an earlier broadcast, Nadine is wathing nonetheless
  • Audrey Horne and Charlie - Audrey is waiting for a phone to ring, she's about to go to the Roadhouse, she wants to find Billy, Charlie tries to dissuade her, she berates Charlie, says she's in love with Billy (and sleeping with him), Tina is mentioned, Audrey hates her, Charlie doesn't want to sign papers (divorce?), Charlie agrees to go out with her, but then stalls, offers to call Tina (Chuck told Audrey that Tina was the last to see Billy, Chuck also stole Billy's truck the week before, but it was returned), Charlie calls Tina, asks about Billy, Charlie is surprised by what he hears, but won't reveal it to Audrey, much to her annoyance
  • Buckhorn - Diane at the hotel bar late at night, she recalls the coordinates, searches map for "coordinates plus 2" (number seems to end with 56 or 58), map points to Twin Peaks
  • Roadhouse - two girls in a booth, where is Angela? she might be with Clark, I saw Clark and Mary together here two nights ago, Angela is off her meds now, lost her mom, a guy (Trick) joins them and complains about having been run off the road, Trick is supposed to be under house arrest
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Re: TP:TR Rewatch

Postby Nighthawk » Thu Mar 01, 2018 1:04 am

Part 13

  • Las Vegas - Mitchums and the girls party with Dougie at Lucky 7 office, Anthony hides in his room, Mitchums brought gifts for Bushnell, Anthony calls Todd, informs him that Mitchums did not kill Dougie, Anthony has one day to kill Dougie
  • Dougie's house - gym set is delivered for Sonny Jim, as well as a BWM for Dougie, in the evening Sonny Jim plays on the gym set while a strange spot light moves back and forth across the scene, Dougie and Janey-E look on
  • Western Montana - Mr. C. arrives at some warehouse, Ray is there along with a group of thugs, he intends to kill Mr. C. (again), a big muscle-bound guy (boss of the group) challenges Mr. C. to an arm wrestling contest, Mr. C. wants Ray if he wins, the boss sucker-punches Mr. C. in the back of the head before they begin, Mr. C. easily beats the thug after toying with him, then kills him with a punch to the face, thugs leave the room and Ray is left alone with Mr. C., Ray tries to flee and C. shoots him in the leg, Ray reveals that Phillip Jeffries ordered the hit on C., Ray only spoke to him on the phone, Mr. C. has something inside that "they" want, Ray has the green jade ring, it was given to him by a prison guard, Mr. C. tells Ray to put the ring on the ring finger of left hand, C. wants coordinates from Hasting's secretary, Richard Horne shows up among the thugs watching the scene, C. takes a piece of paper with the coordinates written down, Ray says that Jeffries is at a place called The Dutchman's, C. shoots and kills Ray, ring disappears off of Ray's finger, falls on the Waiting Room floor, Ray also appears in the waiting Room, one armed man puts the ring on a pedestal
  • Las Vegas - Fuscos at the police station, Dougie's prints match Cooper's, Fuscos laugh at the idea that Dougie is FBI, Anthony shows up, wants to speak to detective Clark, asks him about an undetectable poison, he recommends Aconitine, he'll get the poison in exchange for money, the officers are in cahoots with Todd as well
  • Chantal and Hutch driving through Utah at night
  • Las Vegas - Janey-E drives Dougie to work in the new BMW, Anthony is waiting for Dougie, offers him coffee, Dougie sees a cherry pie and goes inside Szymon's, Anthony puts poison in Dougie's coffee, Anthony cracks and pours out the poisoned drink, Dougie drinks his coffee instead and eats cherry pie
  • Double R - Becky calls Shelley, Steven has been missing for two days
  • Las Vegas - Bushnell's office, Anthony confesses to trying to murder Dougie and committing fraud on behalf of Duncan Todd, Bushnell is willing not to turn him in if he testifies against Todd
  • Double R - Norma and Big Ed are sitting in a booth, Bobby joins them, Ed says there is nothing between him and Norma, her boyfriend (Walter) appears, Norma now has five restaurants, Twin Peaks location is losing money, Walter wants to cut costs
  • Twin Peaks - Dr. Jacobi visits Nadine at her store (saw his golden shovel in the display window), Nadine is giddy with excitement
  • Palmer house - Sarah watching tv and drinking, she runs out of alcohol, tv shows a few seconds of an old boxing match on a continuous loop, Sarah seems oblivious, she walks out
  • Audrey Horne and Charlie - Charlie still doesn't want to tell Audrey what he found out from Tina, Audrey says she feels like "someone else", Audrey doesn't know how far the Roadhouse is or where it is, do I have to end your story too?, Audrey cries
  • Roadhouse - James Hurley performs the unforgettable "Just You" song, his crush looks at him adoringly from the booth
  • Big Ed's gas farm - Ed is alone, rating take out food, looks inquisitively out the window, lights up a match and burns a small piece of paper

Part 14

  • Buckhorn - Gordon calls TP sheriff station, Frank informs him of finding pages from Laura Palmer diary (two Coopers)
  • Albert and Tammy talk, 1975 murder investigation started Blue Rose, last words of a dying woman who disappeared, Cole and Jeffries were on the scene, dying woman had an exact double who later hanged herself, Tammy guesses that she was a tulpa, Gordon and Diane show up, Diane's half-sister name is Jane (nickname Janey-E), and her husband's name is Douglas Jones (nickname Dougie), Gordon requests information about Joneses from Las Vegas FBI, Diane leaves, Gordon had another Monica Belucci dream, Cooper was there, we're like the dreamer who dreams, and then lives inside the dream, but who is the dreamer?, vision of young Gordon and Cooper from FWWM, appearance of Phillip Jeffries in Philadelphia, who do you think that is there?, Gordon just recalled that as did Albert
  • Sheriff station - Chad is arrested
  • Twin Peaks - Frank, Hawk, Bobby, Andy go to Jack Rabbit's palace, it's near Briggs' old listening station, which burned down in a fire, 253 yards east of the palace, misted area in the woods, naked woman is lying on the ground, skin overgrows her eyes, there is a spring well with a strange orange substance in the ground, time is 2:53, a vortex opens up above them, Andy disappears
  • Giant's palace - Andy and Giant sit in a room, I am the Fireman, visions of Judy, Bob orb, convenience store, woodsmen, Laura, angels, Naido, two Coopers, Andy and Lucy at the station, electric pole #6, Andy vanishes from the palace
  • Jack Rabbit's palace - Andy appears carrying Naido, she is very important, people want her dead, Hawk and Frank don't remember what happened in the last few minutes, time appeared to shift
  • Sheriff station - Andy and Lucy put Naido in a cell, Chad berates Andy, there is another man (drunk?) with a wounded face and fluid dripping from his mouth, Naido makes strange animal like noises, drunk repeats the noises and things being said
  • Great Northern hotel - green glove and James are on their break as security guards, they are going to go to the Roadhouse, Renee will be there, it's James' birthday, Freddie can't take the green glove off, he got the glove in London, got sucked into a vortex, Fireman appeared, told him to go buy the glove at a hardware store, his hand gained great power, Fireman told him to go to Twin Peaks to find his destiny... James goes to check the furnaces, there is a humming sound downstairs, closed door
  • Twin Peaks - Sarah Palmer enters a bar, a man accosts her aggressively, Sarah opens her fave like Laura did, there is a set of white teeth inside, she bites the man's throat off, Sarah screams as the man drops dead, there is no blood on Sarah
  • Roadhouse - two women talking in a booth, have you seen Billy?, last person to see Billy (Tina's daughter), Billy and her mom (Tina) had an affair

Part 15

  • Twin Peaks - Nadine, carrying a golden shovel, walks over to Big Ed's gas farm, Nadine wants a divorce so that he can be with Norma and she can be with Jacobi, Ed is skeptical but then accepts it
  • Double R - Ed arrives, so does Walter, Norma sits down with Walter, Norma breaks business relationship with Walter, she keeps the Twin Peaks diner, Ed and Norma embrace and kiss, they agree to get married
  • Mr. C. driving at night, arrives at the convenience store, a woodsman is there to greet him, they climb stairs on the side of the building, the stairs lead to a wall, but C. and woodsman vanish while climbing up, inside a woodsman operates an electrical device, jumping man briefly appears, C. wants to see Jeffries, C. is guided to a motel room (number 8), a strange looking woman opens the door for him, a giant tea kettle is inside, C. asks about Ray, Jeffries admits to calling Ray, he did not call Mr. C., Mr. C. remembers Jeffries talking about Judy, Jeffries emits coordinates for Judy, C. writes them down, C. has already met Judy according to Jeffries, C. picks up a ringing phone and is transported outside the convenience store, Richard Horne is outside, Audrey Horne is his mother, they get in the truck together, drive away, C. sends text message (Las Vegas?)
  • Twin Peaks - Steven and Gersten in the woods, Steven is disturbed (I did do it), he has a gun, she tries to console him, Steven talks about suicide, Gersten runs away when a passerby apears, gunshot is heard
  • Fat Trout trailer park - Carl hears about Steven hiding in the woods
  • Roadhouse - ZZ Top plays, James approaches Renee sitting with husband and friends, husband (Chuck) punches James, green glove knocks him out
  • Las Vegas - FBI found the wrong Douglas Jones
  • Duncan Todd's office - Duncan and Roger are killed by Chantal
  • Sheriff station - James and green glove are locked in a cell, Naido and the drunk make animal noises again
  • Chantal and Hutch - eating fast food
  • Dougie's house - Dougie eating cake, presses buttons on the remote control, he is surprised when the tv switches on, Gordon Cole is mentioned in a tv show, triggers a reaction from Dougie, he is drawn to an electric socket, approaches it, sticks a fork in and gets electrocuted
  • Twin Peaks - log lady calls Hawk, she's dying, calls to say goodbye, there is some fear in letting go, remember - watch out for that one, the one under the moon on Blue Pine mountain, light goes out for the last time in log lady's house
  • Sheriff station - Hawk gathers Frank, Bobby, Lucy, and Andy, informs of log lady's death
  • Audrey and Charlie - Audrey hesitates before leaving the house again, berates Charlie to stall for time, Charlie takes off his coat and Audrey has a fit of anger
  • Roadhouse - a girl sits alone in a booth, two men casually remove her onto the floor and sit down, the girl crawls along the floor, screams
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Re: TP:TR Rewatch

Postby Nighthawk » Thu Mar 01, 2018 7:01 am

Part 16

  • Mr. C. and Richard driving at night, arrive at coordinate location, three people gave C. coordinates (Ray, Jefrries, Diane), two coordinates match, C. and Richard came to the location of matching coordinates, Jerry Horne runs through the fields, sees Mr. C. and Richard from a distance, Richard goes up a solitary rock, just as he reaches coordinate location, he is annihilated by what appears to be a powerful electric discharge, Jerry looks on in horror, Mr. C. says goodbye to Richard (his son), sends text (:-) ALL.)
  • Dougie's house - Chantal and Hutch are staked out in a van outside, Las Vegas FBI arrives, nobody is home, FBI decides to observe he house
  • Las Vegas - Dougie is unconscious at the hospital, Janey-E and Sonny Jim are with him, Bushnell arrives, Dougie is in a coma, Mitchums also show up, Janey-E thanks them for the gym set and the new car
  • Buckhorn - Gordon listening intently to surveilance machines
  • Las Vegas - Bushnell is informed that FBI were looking for Dougie at the office
  • Dougie's house - Mitchums' limousine and delivery van arrive, they unload food and carry it into the house (Janey-E gave them the key), a man arrives in a car (Zawaski accounting), gets into a spat with Chantal and Hutch over blocking his driveway, the man rams their van, Chantal shoots at him, the man proceeds to retrieve his own gun, kills both Chantal and Hutch, the man gets arrested by the FBI, Mitchums look on perplexed
  • Dougie is still unconscious, humming tone is heard in the hospital room, one armed man appears, Cooper wakes up, he remembers everything, the other one didn't go back in, one armed man gives Cooper the jade ring, Cooper requests for another Dougie to be manufactured, Janey-E and Sonny Jim find Cooper awake, Bushnell gets Mitchums on the phone, Cooper requests a meeting at the casino and a jet to Spokane WA, Cooper leaves a message for Gordon, Cooper leaves the hospital, drives away with Janey-E and Sonny Jim, Las Vegas FBI arrive just as he left
  • Diane drinking at the hotel bar, receives text (:-) ALL.), she reacts with fear, she remembers something about Cooper, sends coordinates with last digits 56, Diane joins the rest of the FBI crew in the surveilance equipment room, she tells them about the night she spent with Cooper years ago (3-4 years after he disappeared), he raped her, Cooper took Diane to the convenience store, she has a vision of being in the sheriff's station (Naido), I'm not me, Diane pulls out a gun, but is shot by Albert and Tammy, Diane disappears, tulpa's are real
  • Waiting room - Diane sitting in a chair, one armed man, someone manufactured you, Diane disintegrates leaving behind a golden orb
  • Silver Mustang Casino - Cooper arrives, explains to Janey-E that he has to leave, but that he will be back, Janey-E realizes Cooper is not Dougie
  • Cooper and Mitchums in the limo, Cooper explained who he really is
  • Roadhouse - Eddie Vedder performs, Audrey and Charlie finally arrive, annoucer calls for Audrey's dance, surreal scene of Audrey dancing, a brawl breaks out (Monique), Audrey is frightened, calls for Charlie to help her, Audrey's reality shifts to a sterile white room, she looks in the mirror and is frightened by her surroundings and appearance

Part 17

  • Buckhorn - Gordon reveals that he couldn't pull a trigger against Diane, tells Tammy and Albert about working secretly with Cooper and Briggs to discover Judy (Jowday), Jeffries was on also on Judy's trail, Cooper was tring to kill two birds with one stone, Ray (paid informant) sent information that C. is seeking coordinates, FBI calls from hospital, Bushnell relays Cooper's message (I am heade for sheriff Truman's, it's 2:53, it adds up to 10, number of completion)
  • Sheriff's station - Chad is waiting for the drunk to fall asleep
  • Mr. C. driving at night
  • Great Northern hotel - Ben gets a call, Jerry is found in Wyoming, thinks that his binoculars killed Richard
  • Mr. C. walks through the woods, reaches the place near Jack Rabbit's palace, vortex appears as he approaches the strange hole in the ground, C. vanishes
  • Fireman's palace - C. is trapped in some form of a cage, Briggs' head is floating in the air, Fireman is levitating, Palmer house is on screen, Mr. C. is transported to the TP sheriff station, Naido senses his presence
  • Sheriff station - Andy notices C. outside, drunk falls asleep in the cell, Chad has a lockpick hidden in his shoe, Andy recollects his vision from Fireman's palace, Chad opens his cell door with the pick, Mr. C. sits with Frank in his office, refuses Andy's offer of coffee, Chad points a gun at Andy who realized something was going on, green glove knocks out Chad by punching out the cell door, real Cooper calls sheriff station, Lucy transfer's Cooper to Frank, Lucy shoots Mr. C. just as he pulls out a gun
  • Everyone gathers in Frank's office near Mr. C. body, woodsmen appear and perform their ritual again, Cooper arrives, Bob orb exits Mr. C., attcks Cooper, Freddie green glove fights and defeats Bob, Cooper puts the jade ring on Mr. C., his body vanishes, ring appears in the Waiting room, Cooper requests the 315 key from Frank (Briggs told him sheriff Truman would have it), Cooper's face superimposed over everything, Gordon and crew arrive, Naido transforms into Diane, she and Cooper kiss, time stops at 2:53, we live inside a dream, Gordon, Cooper, and Diane are transported into the furnace room
  • Great Northern hotel - furnace rom, Cooper, Diane, Gordon, humming tone is heard, Cooper uses room 315 key to open the locked door that James saw earlier, Cooper goes through the door alone, warns others not to follow
  • Cooper walks through darkness, one armed man appears, recites Fire Walk With Me poem, electrical static, Cooper is at the convenience store with the one armed man, walks upstairs as jumping man runs down, Cooper goes to see the Jeffries kettle, Feb. 23rd 1989, it's slippery in here, good to see you again Cooper, this is where you'll find Judy, did you ask me this?, owl cave symbols transforms into Judy symbol, then into number 8, a dot traverses the 8, remember - electricity
  • 1989 - Laura leaves her house with James, they stop in the woods, Cooper materializes nearby, Laura and James kiss, Laura sees Cooper and screams, then they talk, your Laura disappeared, they ride away, Laura jumps off the bike, runs into the woods
  • Leo and Ronnette, Jacques - waiting for Laura to show up
  • Cooper intercepts Laura in the woods, she has seen Cooper in a dream, Cooper takes her by the hand, Laura's body wrapped in plastic disappears from where it was found in '89, Cooper leads Laura through the woods
  • Twin Peaks - Packard house, Josie putting on make-up, Pete heading out for fishing, Laura's body is not on the shore, Pete can go fishing
  • Palmer house - Sarah's loud moaning is heard, it's back in the future now (dilapidated room with cigarrete butts and booze bottles), Sarah angrily stabs Laura's picture with a broken bottle, continues to scream, reality is shifting? Is Sarah/Judy making it happen?
  • Cooper leading Laura through the woods, she disappears, Laura's scream is heard
  • Julee Cruise sings

Part 18

  • Mr. C. is in the waiting room, he's on fire (literally), one armed man uses golden orb and a small lock of Cooper's hair to manufacture another clone, clone appears to have Cooper's persona, he is sent to return to Janey-E and Sonny Jim, home
  • Cooper walking through the woods with Laura, once again she disappears and screams
  • Waiting room - Cooper and one armed man, is it future or is it past?, Laura does not appear, evolution of the arm, is it the story of the little girl who lived down the lane (also Audrey's words), Laura whispers in Cooper's ear, screams, gets whisked out of the waiting room, Cooper sees Leland, find Laura, Cooper exits the waiting room at Glastonbury Grove, Diane is waiting there, is it you?, yes Diane
  • Cooper and Diane riding in a car, they reach 430 miles, there are big power line poles nearby, once we cross it could all be different, Cooper drives slowly forward and they get transported from middle of the day to nighttime, presumably having crossed to a different reality
  • Cooper and Diane check into a motel, Diane sees her double, they enter a room, proceed to have sex, their facial expressions convey no joy, Cooper wakes up in the morning alone, Diane left a note, but it's addressed to Richard and signed Linda, Cooper still thinks he is Dale, Cooper leaves the hotel and drives away
  • Cooper reaches Odessa, TX, finds Judy's diner, asks about a waitress that works there, she's not there, it's her third day off, 3 men in cowboy hats grope a waitress that is there, Cooper stops them, they try to attack Cooper but he disarms them, shoots one of them in the foot in the process, Cooper takes their guns and points his gun around rather recklessly, he requests the missing waitress' address, throws the cowboys' guns into a deepfrier, gets the address and leaves
  • Cooper drives to the address (house number 1516), electric pole 6 is nearby, "Laura" opens, the woman doesn't recognize the name, her name is Carrie Paige, she seems to recognize the names Leland and Sarah though, she agrees to leave with Cooper for Twin Peaks, Carrie invites Cooper in while she gets ready, there is a dead man in a chair with a bullet hole through the forehead, a small white horse is on the mantel, they leave Odessa
  • Long scenes of Cooper and Carrie riding through the night
  • Twin Peaks - Carrie and Cooper arrive at the Palmer house, Carrie does not recognize it, a woman opens the door, she doesn't know Sarah Palmer, woman bought her house from a Mrs. Chalfont, this woman's name is Alice Tremond (lodge spirit names), Cooper stops in the street, appears suddenly confused, what year is this?, Carrie looks up at the Palmer house, a faint shout calling "Laura" is heard, Carrie is frightened and she screams, lights go out in the Palmer house

That's a wrap! I have to say that the rewatch was more enjoyable than I expected it to be. I still have most of the gripes that I had with the show during the original run, but watching all parts in a short span of time gave me a better understanding of the whole picture.
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Re: TP:TR Rewatch

Postby Mr. Reindeer » Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:40 am

I just have to say, I am SO jealous of the week you’ve had! (Minus being ill of course.)
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Re: TP:TR Rewatch

Postby Nighthawk » Thu Mar 01, 2018 9:47 am

Mr. Reindeer wrote:I just have to say, I am SO jealous of the week you’ve had! (Minus being ill of course.)

It was good! There is nothing like a dose of TP to cure a common cold :wink:
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Re: TP:TR Rewatch

Postby yaxomoxay » Thu Mar 01, 2018 11:31 am

Thank you for this thread! I loved reading your summary, it made me relive the series.
Next time, all in a day, you will enjoy it even more :)

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