Dougie V.2 - Tulpa rules

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Dougie V.2 - Tulpa rules

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Just spitballing this one ….

Is there any chance the Dougie Tulpa V.2 creation "pushed" Coop back into the Waiting Room?

I’ve been trying to figure out why the need for the 2nd exit in S3E18 for a while now. A number of posters mentioned they had the feeling this exit took place in lieu of Bad Coop exiting at the end of Season 2 and what I am posting would at least back that up. It seems anyone living, when their Tulpa comes into play, needs to be “hidden away” somewhere. Is that the whole purpose for the Mauve Rooms – to facilitate accurate Tulpa protocol? It’s at least 2 out of 3 with Audrey’s Situation TBD (but strongly leaning that way)


Coop changes the events of Feb 23/24. E17

Dougie V.2 comes to life. E18

Cooper is now back in the waiting room, “Is it future or is it past?” This time the answer is past as the “Laura is only missing” thread will now continue without Coop and with Dougie Deuce. (Laura flying away syncs up with the real world event of the thread splitting)

So Mr. C doesn’t exist in the real world now, and time has re-set to Coops original entry to the Waiting Room and with no doppleganger rule he is allowed to simply walk out.

Coop asks Diane if she recalls the original time thread (they were both Tulpa’d up ) and they proceed to get back to the present (or original Thread!) through that whole 430/motel thing.

Well at least Coop did. (Maybe in S4 Coop can save Diane? boring, forget i mentioned it)

Anyway, has the multiple thread/timelines been debunked? – cause I did re-watch FWWM last night as well and the line “The Thread will be torn” sticks out. Mike made that sound like a bad thing.

And considering, I believe, Lynch confirmed only one instance of Time Travel in the show (Coop via Jeffries, “Be Specific”, “You can go in now”) there would have to be parallel timelines instead.

Now i'm not sure the question is "What Year is it" but what Timeline it is. Because it seems obvious it should be present day time.
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Re: Dougie V.2 - Tulpa rules

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One thing I did notice was that the Dougie sent back to Janey-E was specifically shown in the beginning of part 18 before we get a replay of Cooper trying to bring Laura through the woods, and then she disappears, just like with Pete going fishing at the end of Part 17.
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