Dale’s Diet

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Dale’s Diet

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Having completed my recent rewatch, with a particular fixation on tracking everything Dale Cooper eats/drinks, I figured I’d compile all the data in one post, in part in the hopes that someone more tech-savvy than I will use this data to compile a supercut video. I’m also including as a bonus the various commercials Dale appeared in, and as an added special feature, Gordon’s Gastronomy!


— TMP: After winning his weekly Thursday challenge from Diane at the Philadelphia office: “And now, Diane, you must clean the coffee cups, get fresh-ground coffee from Sally, and make a damn great pot of coffee.”
— Coffee in his FBI mug while talking to Albert in the Philadelphia office

— A tuna fish sandwich on whole wheat; a slice of cherry pie (which he describes as “worth a stop” and “incredible”; he tells Albert it’ll kill him); and a cup of coffee (overall, “damn good food“) at the Lamplighter Inn on Hwy. 2 near Lewis Fork
— Coop to Harry in the cruiser: “Gimme a donut”
— “A Policeman’s Dream”: Coffee (in a styrofoam cup) and an eighth of a powdered donut (Lucy says she got extra jelly donuts for Agent Cooper, but oddly, none are seen)

— Breakfast at the Great Northern: a “damn fine cup of coffee” (he calls it “incredible” and one of the best he’s had in his life); two eggs over hard; bacon super crispy (“almost burned, cremate it”); and grapefruit juice (“as long as those grapefruits are freshly squeezed”)
— Coffee (“black as midnight on a moonless night”) at Blue Pine Lodge (Pete: “There was a fish in the percolator!”)
— Coffee at the Double R and three slices of cherry pie (which he calls incredible)
— (In a deleted scene from the episode, Lucy says jelly donuts are Agent Cooper’s favorite)

— Two cups of coffee in his FBI mug, at the rock-throwing excursion (“Damn good coffee...and hot!”); there is a table full of donuts, but Cooper is never seen eating

— Breakfast at the Great Northern: Coffee, shortstack of griddle cakes, melted butter, maple syrup lightly heated, slice of ham (“Nothing beats the taste sensation when maple syrup collides with ham!”) (there also appears to be a side of greens on his plate)
— At the Double R: Slice of huckleberry pie, heated, vanilla ice cream on the side, coffee (“This must be where pies go when they die”)
— Beer with Hawk at the Great Northern (unknown brand, in a brown bottle; label seen on similar bottle on another table seems to simply read “Beer,” in a Coors-type cursive font; Cooper lifts the bottle toward his mouth after toasting, but is never seen drinking; in an unused master shot, he drinks twice)

— Coffee in the conference room while interviewing Jacoby (in Twin Peaks Sheriff Department mug)
— Coop after hearing Lydecker’s files are alphabetical by name: “We’re gonna need some more coffee”
— Coffee in the conference room while reviewing Lydecker’s files (in Twin Peaks Sheriff Department mug)

— Coffee at the Great Northern (he brings his own FBI mug down to the dining room, presumably so he can take it with him when he leaves for Jacques’s apartment; Trudy tops him off again before she leaves); he does not have breakfast, as he is running late
— Coffee in a styrofoam cup, and a jelly donut at Jacques’s apartment (Dale takes one bite of the donut, then hands it back to Andy, who continues eating it)
— A bar-shaped donut at Jacques’s apartment (likely a maple bar, based on the color of the frosting)
— Tea and sugar cookies at Margaret’s (Margaret slaps Cooper’s hand when he tries to take a cookie before the tea is ready; he is never seen actually getting to eat a cookie)

— Cooper goes downstairs in the Great Northern to get “two malts and some fries” for him and Audrey to consume in his room while she tells him about all her troubles
— Cooper gives himself and Harry a present: “two cups of good hot black coffee” (one for each of them) at the Double R (“Man, that hits the spot! Nothing like a great cup of black coffee”)
— (There is also another beautiful donut spread in the Sheriff’s Department conference room, but Cooper is never seen partaking before Waldo bleeds all over it)

— After offering to buy Jacques a cocktail at One-Eyed Jack’s, an undercover Cooper has a clear drink in a rocks glass, with ice and a red cocktail straw (possibly a gin and tonic) (we see Cooper raise the glass to his mouth three times, but the camera always cuts away before he drinks; the third time, when we cut back to him, he is seen bringing the glass back down toward the table) (in the master shot on the bootleg, he is seen drinking four times throughout the scene)
— Heading back to his room, he tells Diane he ordered some hot milk from room service

— The room service Waiter delivers the warm milk Dale ordered in Episode 7 (Cooper never drinks it due to being shot)
— Planning the sheriff’s station meeting, Truman asks: “Jelly donuts?” Cooper: “Harry, that goes without saying.”
— In the sheriff’s station conference room, Cooper has coffee (in his FBI mug), and takes a jelly donut from the stack (he is never seen eating it)

— Breakfast at the Great Northern with Albert: Each has a plate of pancakes (with garnishes of some greens and what appears to be an orange slice), a cup of coffee, a glass of orange juice, and half a grapefruit; there is a pitcher of syrup for the table; additionally, there are table plates of bacon (which Cooper takes from and eats), scrambled eggs, sausages, a muffin (likely blueberry) with a slab of butter on the side, and two sweet rolls

— “Harry, time for a break”: Coffee in his FBI mug and a jelly donut (which he never gets to eat before going off to search for the One-Armed Man)

— Coffee in his FBI mug in the sheriff’s station waiting area while talking to Harry; he also has some donuts on the chair next to him which he is not seen eating (two jelly donuts, and two others which are mostly out of frame; one seems to have chocolate frosting and blue sprinkles, the other might be chocolate frosting with green sprinkles)
— Coffee in his FBI mug in the conference room (possibly laced with Irish whiskey; in the prior scene, Sternwood tells Harry to “break the seal on that Irish you stashed for me”; Cooper is seen drinking from his mug)
— He has a glass of ice water while waiting at the Roadhouse (the bartender brings him a second one), and he plays with his food, making a design out of many peanuts and shells
— At the Roadhouse: “Harry, let me buy ya a beer”
— (As an aside, Lucy is carrying a box of Royal Kona Blend, which is presumably the preferred blend of the sheriff’s station)

— After a rough night’s sleep: “Perhaps I should keep a closer eye on my after-dinner coffee consumption”
— Black Yukon Sucker Punch, mixed by Sid at the Roadhouse at Judge Sternwood’s behest (Cooper regards the drink with some trepidation, even sniffing it warily at one point...he appears to finally lift it to take a sip just before we cut away at the end of the scene, but he might just be sniffing it again)

— In Harry’s office, Harry pours Dale a late-night cup of coffee in his FBI mug after rescuing Audrey

— Coffee in his FBI mug and a jelly donut in the sheriff’s station entrance area before heading to the Great Northern
— Coffee in his FBI mug in the conference room while reviewing Laura’s secret diary (there is also a plate of donuts near him, but he is not seen eating)
— Beer in a mug and peanuts at the Roadhouse (although he is never seen touching the beer, it is half-empty once the scene fades forward in time)

— A slice of cherry pie and a glass of milk in his room while getting ready for bed (he is interrupted by the call that Maddy’s body was found)

— In the Roadhouse, Albert has a flask with a clear liquor. He pours a bit into a glass, then offers the flask to Cooper. Although the camera moves mostly off Cooper at this moment, it does not appear that he takes it
— As he walks with Harry and Albert, Cooper has coffee in a paper cup and something in a paper bag

— He has his FBI mug out on his bed while packing, but he is likely packing it up and not drinking from it
— Cooper and Garland eat steelhead trout which they caught, drink coffee, and each roasts a marshmallow in the campfire

— Coffee in his FBI mug in Harry’s office
— Cooper on the food at the Great Northern: “Denise, you’re in for a real surprise”
— Coffee at the Great Northern bar while talking to Denise at Dougie Milford’s wedding reception

— Cooper has coffee in a plain green mug (he’s presumably no longer authorized to use his FBI mug in light of his suspension!), and is chewing something as he looks at realty options with Irene Littlehorse in the conference room. A nearby plate has three donuts: a sugar and a glazed which both appear to be untouched, and a chocolate which has several bites and is presumably what he’s eating
— Coffee in the same green mug when talking to Col. Reilly in Harry’s office

— Coffee in a plain yellow mug and a donut with chocolate frosting as Ernie makes the call in Harry’s office (Cooper seems rather disgusted when the first donut he picks up from the plate—also with chocolate frosting—has a bite taken from it, presumably by Ernie)
— Water in a paper cup from the water cooler while talking to Lucy

— Harry hands Cooper coffee in a plain tan and brown mug as Erik Powell’s corpse is removed from Harry’s office
— Coffee in a plain blue mug while analyzing the chessboard in Harry’s office; Harry refills him
— Cooper, Harry and Garland each thirstily gulp down a glass of water poured by Lucy
— Harry: “I don’t know about you guys, but I could definitely use something to drink.” Cooper: “Me too”
— Coffee in a plain green mug while reading a book on Tibet in Lucy’s cubicle; he pours a second cup

— He has coffee at Blue Pine Lodge while questioning Josie; tactfully leaving Harry and Josie alone, he leaves and pours a second cup (“Think I’ll get another cup a’ Joe”) (in a nice subtle reference to Episode 1, he opens the pot and sniffs to make sure it’s fish-free)
— Cooper has a cup of coffee in front of his chessboard at the Double R as Pete checkmates him (although it might be Pete's, as it's on his side of the board)

— Coffee (in a yellow mug with a picture of an ax chopping logs) as he and Harry listen to Earle’s tape in Harry’s office
— Coffee in the same mug and a chocolate donut as Pete chooses their next chess move in the conference room

— Coffee in the same yellow mug from the last episode while reviewing Interpol paperwork in Harry’s office
— A cup of “deep black Joe” at the Double R (Annie: “I made it a little strong.” Cooper: “OK. (sips) You made it just right, Annie”)

— “Surefire cure for a hangover, Harry. You take a glass of nearly frozen unstrained tomato juice, you pop a couple of oysters in there and you drink it down. Breathe deep. Next you take a mound, and I mean a mound, of sweetbreads. Sauté ’em with some chestnuts and some Canadian bacon. Finally, biscuits. Big biscuits. Smothered in gravy. Now here’s where it gets tricky. You’re gonna need some anchovies—” (Harry runs off to vomit, which was clearly Cooper’s intended goal)
— Cooper offers Harry further hangover aid: “Bicarbonate of soda. The ultimate digestive aid. Harry, quaff in good health.”
— Coffee at the Double R (Annie: “Cup of deep black Joe?” Cooper: “You bet”); he orders a turkey sandwich, whole wheat, lettuce, dollop of mayonnaise; Annie refills his coffee
— He appears to be carrying a Granny Smith apple when talking to Diane as he enters the Great Northern dining room; he pockets it when he spots Annie

— To Annie at the Double R: “I’ve got four hungry lawmen out in the police cruiser. We need donuts. And coffee. Hot. Two black, two white, no sugars please.” Annie brings the coffees and a dozen donuts to go
— Immediately afterward, in Harry’s office, Cooper seems to have already downed his to-go coffee and is drinking from his FBI mug (now that he has been re-instated to duty)
— Cherry pie at the Double R with Annie, Gordon and Shelly (Gordon: “Three each!”)
— Milk by the fireplace in the Great Northern (in a TG&Y promotional measuring glass!)

— Coffee (in his FBI mug) while talking to Garland & co. in the conference room
— Coffee at the Double R (Annie: “Coffee?” Dale: “You bet”)

— Coffee in his FBI mug in the conference room while analyzing the Owl Cave petroglyph; he refills

— The Waiter serves Cooper coffee in the Red Room; it is liquid when he first picks it up, but becomes solid when he tries to drink, then liquid again, then viscous

— The Doppelganger has a dish of creamed corn with a side of corn and a coffee at the restaurant at Bell’s Motor Lodge Motel, when he dines with Ray, Darya and Jack

— Dougie Jones and the Doppelganger both vomit corn mixed with blood and motor oil

— After 25 years of presumably not eating, Cooper hungrily eyes Bill Shaker’s hot dog (with mustard and ketchup) at the Silver Mustang Casino, but Bill refuses to share
— Janey-E, upon his return home: “I’m gonna fix you a sandwich. And then, I’m gonna get you a piece of Sonny Jim’s chocolate cake, ‘cause we saved a piece for you.”
— Breakfast at the Joneses’s: Janey-E serves him pancakes (with maple syrup provided by Sonny Jim); he has orange juice (which we don’t see him drink), and Janey-E serves him coffee (in his “I am DOUGIE’S COFFEE” mug)

— “And now, food is coming.” The prison guard serves the Doppelganger a plate of fruit slices (pineapple, cantaloupe, watermelon, and possibly honeydew), plain oatmeal, and orange juice
— It’s implied that tulpa Dougie Jones was a heavy drinker; Janey-E tells Cooper, “No more drinking and gambling,” and Anthony Sinclair assumes Dougie was on a bender during his time missing
— He drinks the coffee Phil bought for Frank from Szymon’s Famous Coffees (Phil: “Damn good Joe, huh, Dougie?” Coop: “Damn good Joe.”); he also eyes Mary’s coffee in the Lucky 7 lobby even while he’s drinking his own

— Janey-E makes him a sandwich (which looks like ham and lettuce), which he eats with Miss Vickie’s Original Recipe potato chips
— He has his own “Dougie” coffee from Szymon’s when he comes into work (probably bought by Phil)

— Chantal gives the Doppelganger a snack-sized Crunchy Cheetos bag for the road
— Cooper has a coffee at the Las Vegas police department; Detective D. Fusco brings him a fresh cup (both in red Las Vegas PD mugs)

— Janey-E to Dr. Bennett on tulpa Dougie Jones: “You know about his gambling problems. And then the drinking, and the drinking feeds the gambling, and vice versa, and the whole thing is just a downward spiral”
— Cooper eats a slice of chocolate cake at home

— Phil gets him a coffee from Szymon's
— Mike beckons to him from Szymon's and he emerges with a cherry pie (in a very large box) which saves his life during the meeting with the Mitchums
— At Santino's, Cooper and the Mitchums have iced water with lemon and there is table bread which someone has eaten. Bradley pours them all sparkling wine (Coop takes a sip but doesn't seem to enjoy it much). The waitresses serve the Szymon's cherry pie with coffee (Rodney: "This pie is so damn good." Cooper: "Damn good.") Bradley tells Candie to give Cooper a second slice as he gobbles his down

— Anthony Sinclair buys him a coffee at Szymon’s; Cooper wanders off to stare at a cherry pie slice in the display counter while Anthony poisons Coop’s coffee; once Anthony runs off with the poisoned coffee in remorse, Coop drinks Anthony’s coffee and Leslie the waitress brings his slice of cherry pie, which he eats

— Janey-E serves him chocolate cake (Janey-E: “Is it delicious?” Coop: “Delicious?”)

— “Bushnell, pass me some of those sandwiches. I’m starving.” After waking up in the hospital, he eats two finger sandwiches. Both appear to be roast beef and greens
— Coffee in the Mitchums’ limo

— Andy: “Would you like a cup of coffee?” Doppel: “No thanks. I’m alright.”
— Cooper to Frank: “We’re just entering Twin Peaks city limits. Is the coffee on?”

— Coffee at Eat at Judy’s
— He tells Carrie he’ll get them food on the way, and they go inside a Valero gas station, but we don’t see what they buy


— Slice of cherry pie at the Double R

— Coffee in a blue mug (“Damn fine coffee!”)


— Rejects Lucy’s offer of hot coffee in the conference room in favor of a can of Georgia Tasty Coffee which he pulls from his pocket

“Cherry Pie”
— Cherry pie at the Double R; rejects Shelly’s offer of hot coffee in favor of a can of Georgia Tasty Coffee which he pulls from his coat pocket

“A Mystery of ‘G’”
— Lucy serves him a can of Georgia Coffee Original in the conference room

“A Mystery of ‘G’ & Pet (Alternate)”
— In an alternate take of the above, Lucy serves Cooper an iced glass of coffee poured from a bottle of Georgia Coffee

“The Rescue”
— A can of Georgia Coffee Original at Glastonbury Grove


— Coffee in his FBI mug in his Portland office
— Coffee in his FBI mug in his Philadelphia office before Jeffries appears
— TMP: “Albert, I’ll take that second mineral water!” (as Jeffries is rambling; seemingly an excuse to get Albert out of the room)

— Coffee in FBI mug and a donut (possibly cream) as he prepares to depart for Bend, Oregon

— “The word linkage reminds me of sausage. Never cared much for the links. Preferred the patties. But breakfast is a real good idea”
— “Harry, the best cure I ever came across for a hangover was raw meat, and plenty of it. You break an egg on it. Add in some salted anchovies, tabasco and Worcestershire sauce” (Harry runs off to vomit, which was clearly Gordon’s intended goal)
— Upon arriving at the Double R, he tells Cooper he wants a steak so rare you could sell it at Tiffany’s; he orders a cup of strong black coffee from Shelly; after Margaret calls the cherry pie a miracle and Shelly asks if Gordon wants some pie, he responds, “Massive massive quantities, and a glass of water, sweetheart, my socks are on fire!”; later, after he has been eating cherry pie, Shelly asks, “Do you want some more pie, a whole pie?” and he answers, “Yes, I would, Miss Johnson. And a piece of paper and a pencil. I plan on writing an epic poem about this gorgeous pie”

— Coffee at the Double R with Shelly, and he appears to have eaten three slices of cherry pie; he invites Dale and Annie to join and the waitress brings more pie for all (“Three each! Shelly, do you mind if we share?”)

— Coffee at the FBI meeting in the conference room at the Philadelphia office

— To Albert, on the phone: “I will be thinking of you as I drink this—thank you, sweetheart—fine Bordeaux.”

— Coffee at Diane’s (“Damn good coffee!”); he says he quit smoking cigarettes

— Tammy brings him coffee on the plane
— He reminisces about smoking with Diane, and takes a drag off her American Spirit cigarette

— Grand Vin de Chateau Latour in his Mayfair Hotel room

— At the Buckhorn Police Department (“Coffee? I would like some coffee!”): “Ah! The policeman’s dream!” Coffee and a glazed donut

— He, Albert and Tammy each enjoy a glass of Chateau le Bergey Bordeaux from Gordon’s own wine cellar (by way of the FBI plane) at the Mayfair (there are two more unopened bottles on the tray besides the one Albert pours from)
— Grand Vin de Chateau Latour with the French Woman in his room at the Mayfair (“It’s a good one!”) (“We’ll figure it out. But for now, I’d really like to get back to this fine Bordeaux”)

— “Coffee time!” He goes to Albert and Tammy’s room to meet with Diane, and Tammy serves them all coffee
— In Gordon’s dream, he has a cappuccino at Creperie Plougastel along with Monica Bellucci and her friend

— Albert pours him Chateau Bellevue Bordeaux in the Mayfair hotel room
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Re: Dale’s Diet

Post by Soolsma »

I thought I heard you utter 'OCD' before. But this? :lol: Even the commercials!

The video is an awesome idea though. Would be the best with uncut music playing under the whole sequence, too bad often his musings about food are often already mixed with music.
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Re: Dale’s Diet

Post by Mr. Reindeer »

Soolsma wrote:I thought I hear you utter 'OCD' before. But this? :lol: Even the commercials!

The video is an awesome idea though. Would be the best with uncut music playing under the whole sequence, too bad often his musings about food are often already mixed with music.
Haha, it actually wasn’t very time consuming, just a teeny bit of note-taking as I was watching an episode a day (and the bonus features, including the commercials. I drew the line at including the SNL skit :lol: )

I’d love to see the video if you or someone else can make it work! Wonder what the music would be? Something by Angelo, or a pop song?
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Re: Dale’s Diet

Post by dreamshake »

thanks for compiling this. i've always wanted to compile ALL the food consumed in this show and you have inspired me to do it during my upcoming rewatch.
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Re: Dale’s Diet

Post by Mr. Reindeer »

dreamshake wrote:thanks for compiling this. i've always wanted to compile ALL the food consumed in this show and you have inspired me to do it during my upcoming rewatch.
Just checking in to see if this ever transpired! Would love to see it.
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