Season 4? Or is it over after this?

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Re: Season 4? Or is it over after this?

Postby zeronumber » Tue Feb 12, 2019 6:29 am

The Secret = balderdash.

While i do put a high stake on the power of intention, (i.e. see Carlos Castenada, and the Nagual shamanistic practices of the mezo-americans) ;

Happenstance and actual "control" of the world at large is mostly illusion.
Yet, i will similarly concur that such illusions of our own world, as in Buddhist teachings makes our perceptions faulty at best.

That being said, i agree with the dalai Lama, in that doing good is a good thing in which good things will follow...

But intention as a formative causation? ...not so much.

(Yet, we must keep faith...
Season 4)

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