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Twin Peaks Actually Explained (Youtube)

Postby djsunyc » Sun Nov 03, 2019 7:39 pm

i'm sure this must've been posted somewhere on these forums but couldn't find it.

this is a 4.5 hour video of the guy explaining all of twin peaks. you may agree, you may disagree but this is without a doubt one of the best explanation videos ever created let alone created about twin peaks.

if you have the time, i STRONGLY recommend watching it. it really is quite brilliant. he even explains season 3 and the whole thing actually makes alot of sense. i'm still kind of shocked at how really well thought out this was.

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Re: Twin Peaks Actually Explained (Youtube)

Postby Methedrome » Fri Nov 08, 2019 8:15 am

Finally finished watching the whole thing.

This guy is incredible.

Expected him to take off his own mask to reveal David Lynch a la Scooby Doo.

This is by far the most intensive, comprehensive and substantiated explanation of Twin Peaks as a whole I have ever seen.

Who is this guy?
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Re: Twin Peaks Actually Explained (Youtube)

Postby greg4882 » Fri Nov 08, 2019 8:44 am

I watched it and this guy actually broke down clues from Lynch in interviews. It’s impressive.
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Re: Twin Peaks Actually Explained (Youtube)

Postby enumbs » Fri Nov 08, 2019 3:58 pm

It's a didactic and silly theory. Yes, there is a strain of meta-commentary throughout Twin Peaks, but to view it entirely as a piece of media criticism is such a banal take. This isn't quite as terrible as the Twelve Rainbow Trout video, but it's perhaps even more irritating. The number of people who are buying into it a hundred percent is deeply dispiriting indeed.

David Lynch does not hate modern TV. Yes, he has criticised aspects of it over the years, but he has also praised Mad Men, Breaking Bad and True Detective, and frequently calls cable television the "new art house". Despite this, he says he does not watch much TV, so the idea that he undertake such a mammoth project just to critique the medium in such a shallow way seems suspect. For all the apparent research on display, the theory totally ignores context when it isn't helpful to the argument. Twin Perfect casually incorporates episodes which weren't written or directed by Lynch into his argument, and he doesn't even speculate as to Mark Frost's intentions despite the fact that Frost was effectively captain of the ship throughout season 1 and 2. Is it really plausible that throughout this period Lynch kept on sticking his head through the door, insisting that everything be kept on track to fulfil some clumsy, overstretched metaphor he apparently had in mind?

The idea that everything in the show must be filtered through a single governing idea is also flawed. If you look at a work of art and consider what it seems to be evoking, the ways in which it resonates, you can have an interesting and substantial discussion. When you settle on a "theory" and watch every scene thinking about how to crowbar your idea into a predetermined interpretation then you're just succumbing to confirmation bias and fundamentally misunderstanding art. By the time the video gets into discussing Ed and Norma it's so far gone into cloud-cuckoo land I'm not sure how anyone can take it seriously. It can't just be that Lynch and Frost are communicating something about art and commerce through the story of the Double R franchising, everything has to be a one to one metaphor. Ed must be Lynch, Norma must be Twin Peaks etc. It's the most simplistic possible understanding of symbolism, and it does a disservice to a thematically rich piece of work.

Every time this guy approaches a valid idea he ruins it by squeezing it into his argument. There are cycles of violence which we are all to keen to leave unexamined.... in TV storytelling. The fantasy of retaining one's youth and naive perspective is unsustainable... if you are a character from a cancelled TV show. There are forces of positivity and negativity which can be thrown out of balance... in poorly handled TV plotlines. Why be so reductive about ideas which are far more pertinent and powerful when applied to life and spirituality?

I would argue that the more self-referential moments of Twin Peaks actually operate in the opposite way to the one the video suggests. Lynch and Frost use our relationship with the show as a way of getting us to think about the passage of time, and the way in which people change or choose not to. Yes, James miming to a 25 year old recording of 'Just You' is a brazenly meta moment, but the effect of seeing a character we recognise from long ago, now greyer but still beset by hopeless infatuations and literally performing the same song is far more potent than Twin Perfect's interpretation could ever allow. Audrey's Dance and the withholding of Cooper operate in a similar way. We have a pre-existing relationship to Twin Peaks and its characters, and the revival exploits that fact masterfully as a means of communicating how we relate to earlier moments of our lives.

In addition to all this, the guy's tone is so condescending and self-important. He's not the first person to view aspects of the show in this way, he is just the first to ignore all other aspects of the show and turn a meditation on violence, trauma and consciousness into some nebulous diatribe about bad TV. The fact he keeps going with his Lynch impression despite how self evidently fucking terrible it is serves as the ultimate testament to his utterly unearned confidence.
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Re: Twin Peaks Actually Explained (Youtube)

Postby AXX°N N. » Fri Nov 08, 2019 7:17 pm

Twin Perfect is a name that to me instantly conjures infamy. As someone who is a huge Silent Hill buff, and someone who back in the day at the series' peak dabbled in the fandom, I've got quite an insider's take to give about Twin Perfect, who has also made an hours-long video series treating Silent Hill the same way he treats Twin Peaks here. And like in this thread (plus I've also been seeing the twitter/reddit praise and criticism split), there was also a huge split in the Silent Hill fanbase's reception of TP's ideas, some hostility between TP and the fans of which I don't remember the details, and in the end the general viewpoint that TP is disengenuous and motivated out of a quite delusional/somewhat typical overzealous fan impulse to lay claim and 'own' the piece of media for themselves, almost to the point of severing it from its actual makers, and all other fans. It's an obsessional, negative impulse imo. And quite like what is outlined in the post above, the SH video series was built on self-serving arguments, rhetorical devices of convenience, elimination of counterpoint, etc.

I haven't watched the TP one, maybe it's better. I'll get through it at some point. But my opinion of his SH video series was that it was obviously well-researched, paid attention to things that, admittedly, many fans miss and don't incorporate into their perspective of the series that are important, appreciable aspects very much present in the work itself, but that ultimately, TP's methods had the 'mere surface' of authority, but no underlying universality to warrant it. It's pretty much what the greeks called sophistry.
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Re: Twin Peaks Actually Explained (Youtube)

Postby Panapaok » Tue Nov 12, 2019 4:28 am

Quite interesting.
This is - excuse me - a damn fine cup of coffee.

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