A Fall from Grace

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A Fall from Grace

Post by Mastershake »

Her new movie:
with DL!
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Re: A Fall from Grace

Post by Melong »

David Lynch in a hopefully major role playing a relation of the main character (Tim Roth as a detective)? :D

Better than Al Pacino shouting his way to the end credits.
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Re: A Fall from Grace

Post by Mr. Reindeer »

Does anyone know what’s going on with this? There hasn’t been any news in years aside from the release date continually being pushed back. Was filming completed and she’s just looking for distribution?
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Re: A Fall from Grace

Post by AXX°N N. »

It's truly bizarre how this film just disappeared into the ether.

I thought it actually got released because there's a tomatoer rating all of a sudden but with only five reviews.

But no, those reviews are erroneously listed and are actually for a Tyler Perry film of the same name that was released last year. Both films are so obscure that no one noticed the oversight.

So even if this does get released, I doubt the title will be retained.
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Re: A Fall from Grace

Post by JackwithOneEye »

i thought the funding fell through.

but looks like Eric Charles, the writer of it, is making / or trying to make a movie with Balthazar Getty called Down by the Water.

it seems to me like Jen L. has decided she's primarily an episodic TV director and seems she's made her peace with that.
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