80's and 90's movies (TV and feature length) that might be worth checking out.

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80's and 90's movies (TV and feature length) that might be worth checking out.

Post by Jonah »

A thread to mention some of the obscure ones or the good ones - or even some that aren't so great but you have fond nostalgia for. Pasting over some titles from the Season 4? thread.

Buried Alive (from 1990) with Jennifer Jason Leigh. There's another one called Sister Sister with her and Eric Stoltz I haven't seen yet but have added to watchlist. Another one with her is Heart of Midnight, a weird little thriller/horror. And of course my favourite movie of the 90's featuring her is the not obscure ut nevertheless underrated Dolores Claiborne from 1995.

Running Against Time from 1990 about a man trying to stop the JFK assassination

Trapped (1989) - a woman and a man trapped with a killer in a building, stars Kathleen Quinlan

Feature film called I, Madman

Agatha Christie ones including Appointment with Death (1988) with Piper Laurie, and an adaptation of Ten Little Indians from 1989 set on a safari.

A thriller called Deceived from 1991 with Goldie Hawn

action/thriller movies like Midnight Run (1988) and Shoot to Kill (1988)

Death Dreams (1991) with Marg Helgenberger and Christopher Reeve (Youtube).

A few with Melissa Gilbert - The Lookalike, Dying To Remember, Blood Vows, House of Secrets I haven't rewatched yet and aren't on the list.

Another one - The Night Caller (1998).

And one has a typically melodramatic subtitle - "River of Rage: The Taking of Maggie Keene" (1993). Victoria Principal from "Dallas" in a version of "The River WIld" a year earlier. It's on Youtube. As are many of these mentioned here. Some of them are also on dailymotion, and some on Disney Plus, Netflix, Now TV, etc. But the TV movies tend to show up on dailymotion or youtube or one of the other sites.

A comedy that's pretty weird called LA Story (1991) with Steve Martin

The Hidden (1987) with a younger Kyle MacLachlan a couple of years before he became Agent Cooper - I still haven't seen this one but it's on my list. I've seen most of the other ones mentioned above, or saw them back in the day and dimly remember them, but a couple I haven't seen and are on my list to watch.
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Re: 80's and 90's movies (TV and feature length) that might be worth checking out.

Post by hopesfall »

Safe (1995) with Julianne Moore, directed by Todd Haynes.

I'm not even sure what prompted me to watch this, but I'm glad I did, even though I was left with a strange sense of unease and sadness afterwards. It's an incredibly and increasingly isolating film, and Moore is truly great in it. I'm not sure if it was a popular film over in the States, but after wanting to discuss it with friends afterwards, I was surprised to find out that none of them had heard of it, let alone watched it. I won't spoil anything for those that might end up watching it, suffice to say it is strangley prophetic in some respects, and felt quite ahead of its time.
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Re: 80's and 90's movies (TV and feature length) that might be worth checking out.

Post by IcedOver »

This is likely pretty well known to board members, but if not, I'd recommend "Abre los ojos" which was the basis for "Vanilla Sky". "Vanilla" is probably the closest remake of an original film story that I've ever come across. It's almost scene for scene. So when people talk about "Vanilla", they're discussing the ideas from the original whether or not they know it. At any rate, the original threw me for a loop when I first watched it in 2001, a few months before the remake came out, and knowing very little of the plot. I rewatched it recently, and it holds up.
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